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PCP Alzheimer Draft


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The effect of Music on Alzheimer Patients PCP course Full Sail University

Published in: Education, Business, Technology
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PCP Alzheimer Draft

  1. 1. The powerful effect of the music on patients who suffer from Alzheimer.
  2. 2. Why music is so important? This is why.
  3. 3. Music can go above and beyond Science when it refers to Alzheimer.
  4. 4. You will learn how music can help an Alzheimer Patient
  5. 5. This disease in on the rise
  6. 6. Music could be the difference in between a lost past or bringing past to the present
  7. 7. Three main points Changes in life Happiness Memories
  8. 8. Music can spark compelling outcomes even in the very late stages. This is why
  9. 9. This type of treatment could be beneficial for the patient by helping them remember.
  10. 10. Music can shift their mood, manage stress and stimulate positive interactions by…
  11. 11. Non-related music could be used in a way of relaxation.
  12. 12. This form of therapy has a high percentage of success and is highly recommended on Alzheimer patients.
  13. 13. Theres plenty of successful Stories and Documentaries about Alzheimers !
  14. 14. Theres also plenty of research reports you can read
  15. 15. More Psychologist are utilizing this type of therapy and documenting their results
  16. 16. Watch this Documentary ! ! “The power of music - Henry is wakes up! (Alzheimers patient kick disease in the butt! Amazing)”
  17. 17. The opportunity this treatment can offer to the patients is invaluable and everyday you will learn something New
  18. 18. The impact that music have on patients who suffer from alzheimer and what are the reactions ! !
  19. 19. Trying this sort of therapy can change the patients and family lives by bringing them together and sharing a common ground.
  20. 20. Thank you for your time and attention