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17 July 2011 [newsletter]


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Published in: Spiritual
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17 July 2011 [newsletter]

  1. 1. Date Mass Times Readers Eucharistic Collectors Rosary MinistersJuly 16 th 7:30 Mary Frances O Mc Lean Month of July Keegan Kelly Gerry Price Mary Rose Frances Kelly CaseyJuly 17 th 9:30 Philomena Burke Maureen Casey J Moran Altar Society Parish Newsletter 11:30 Gerry Quinn Mary Davey J Feeney F Mc Cabe Kitty Doyle Sunday 17th July 2011 Maureen Davey Martin F J Kelly Scanlon Kathleen Henry Mass Times: Saturday 7:30pm Sunday 9:30am & 11:30am Holidays 10:00am & 7:30pmJuly 23 th 7:30 Mary Mary C O Mc Lean Gilligan Scanlon Gerry Price Priest: Fr Jim Murray, Email: Margaret Marie O’ Connor Phone: 071-9162136 Websites: Feeney Mary Duffy Mobile: 087-8198466 Margaret FeeneyJuly 24 th 9:30 Eugene Sheila J Moran Moran Murphy Tobernalt – A Short History 11:30 Niamh Casey Christy J Feeney Murphy F Mc Cabe Tobernalt is a natural spring well situated in a primeval forest. Known Kathleen J Kelly locally as the Holy Well, this was once a location for pagan worship. However, McGetrick tradition holds that St. Patrick evangelised pagans at this place with strong evidence that St. Patrick baptised, celebrated Mass and ordained priests atMass Times & Intentions the Holy Well. Garland Sunday celebrations evolved from the pagan festival of Lughanasa -Sat 7:30 pm Bridget Henry (Anniv) the feast of harvest thanksgiving. It is therefore a fusion of Christian and Celtic traditions. Garland Sunday may still serve as an occasion forSun 9:30am Richard A Mc Carty thanksgiving but now with a Christian dimension. Many generations have (Anniv) worshipped God on this holy ground and in penal times the Holy WellSun 11:30am Jack Mc Cormack (Anniv) provided a place for secret worship.Mon No Morning MassTue 10:00 am Although Catholic emancipation enabled Catholics to once again worship inWed No Morning Mass Churches and Chapels, many continued to flock to Tobernalt for private devotions. The first Mass since penal times was celebrated at Tobernalt inThur 10;00 am 1921. Since then Mass has been celebrated every year at Garland WeekendFri 7:00 pm Mass with the Derry Group with the exception of 1922 when Mass was cancelled due to the Civil War.Sat 7.:30 pm Madeline Jackson(Anniv) Like the natural spring water ever present at Tobernalt the faith continues toSun 9:30 am Michael(Mickey)Begley flourish in the hearts of every pilgrim. The living waters of the risen Lord (Anniv bring healing and renewal to those who visit this sacred and historic site.Sun 11:30 am Thomas& Mary Henry (Anniv)
  2. 2. . Church Bookstand Elphin Diocese Tobernalt Holy Well – Garland New History and Heritage BookAfrica-April 2011-Focus on Nigeria. Do you feel called to the Priesthood? WeekendFar East- April 2011 Fire in my heart The Elphin Diocese is actively seekingSunday Spirit -6CDs featuring various men who feel called to serve God as asubjects-only €15.Tobernalt Holy Well Diocesan Priest. Information booklets My first and abidingPrayer Book – A selection of prayers and cards available at the Church impression ofand reflections.Tobernalt History and Bookstand. Contact your local Priest Please note all Masses will take place Tobernalt is that God speaks powerfullyHeritage – Story of the Holy Well for further information. Applications at the Holy Well on Garland to the human soul through nature, aParish Calendar for 2011 – With are now being accepted for the New Weekend, 30-31st July. No Masses in veritable presence of the Creator in HisPrayers, reflections and photographs. Year in September. Carraroe Church on this weekend. creation. The rocks and trees, theAlso: A number of books are available Some details of the programme are moisture-infused air: it is a feast for thefrom Anne, a Lay Apostle. Medjugorje Irish Centre outlined below. Full details in senses. Peace is there because He isThe New 2011 Tobernalt Holy Well Every month for a year the Irish Newsletter next week. there. Tobernalt counteracts theHistory and Heritage Book will be Centre is giving away accommodation busyness of life with silence and it islaunched at the Garland Weekend for up to 4 people. Text the word Friday 29th July: In Carraroe His silence that permeates the soul.Celebrations. pilgrim followed by your name and Church (Extract from the new book) address and county to 53030. In Honour of the Holy Well A new History and Heritage book willSligo Leader Partnership Web Site: 6 - 7pmAdoration of the Blessed be launched at the Garland Weekend Our Church Sacrament Celebrations. The book is considerableThe above organisation is sponsoring a enlarged with many stories,six-month scheme on starting your Please tidy up your Missalette after 7:00pm Mass in Preparation for the reflections, news items and poems withown business. If you are long term un- Mass and leave it at the end of the weekend an extended number of photographs.employed, have a self-employment seat. Your help and support is Many hours of research, reflectionsidea and eligible for FAS Community appreciated Saturday 30th July: At the Holy Well and exploration have helped to formEmployment they would like to hear the contents of the book. It will beform you. Information and application DATE FOR YOUR DIARY 7:30pm Evening Mass - Baptism presented in an A5 format in fullform from 071-9120636 or can be colour and will form a unique historydownloader from Riverbrooke Cross-Border Initiative of the Holy Well for both the local are pleased to invite you to join us in community and all visitors. Sunday 31st July: At the Holy WellSligo Social Services Riverstown on Saturday July 30th st 2011 for our cultural music parade as Recent BaptismBook sale on the 1 of each month 6:00am Dawn Mass – Congratulations to Adrian and Sineadfrom 9am – 11:30am in the Basement part of the Morrison Festival. Music will be provided by, Sligo Pipe A Sacred Heritage O’Connor, Collooney, Co. Sligo andshop. Charles Street. Band, Samboeire Samba Band, 10:00am Morning Mass - we welcome Finn Domhnall into the Brookeborough Pipe Band, and the Honouring the Holy Well Christian Community with Tax Return for our Church 12:00noon Mass with Prayers Godparents Darren O’ Toole and Extended date award winning Murley Silver Band from Fivemiletown in Co. Tyrone. for Healing Muireann O’ Connor.Please help support our Parish by A display of Irish Dancing will also take place. The afternoon begins with Derry Group – Friday 22nd Julysubmitting a reclaim of tax form. Ministries in our Church music on the Diamond at 2.30 pm with On Friday our Parish welcomes theInformation booklet and Application formavailable at the back and side of the the parade starting at 3 pm from Sligo Derry Group as they stop off with us If you area involved in a ministry in our on the annual walk to Knock. TheChurch. No private information is folk Park. Church, please regularly check your listrequired and our Church will benefit from Each Band will stop and play at the group will spend the night in the for the time that you are helping out. Newyour generous response. Please return Diamond. A great afternoon is parishioners are needed for Reading, Community Centre and School beforeyour form by the end of July. promised. joining the Altar Society and helping as continuing on the journey to knock. Collectors at the weekend Masses. Thank They will celebrate Mass in our you for you help and support church on Friday evening at 7:00pm.