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Carooling is only option of reducing pollution and saving our environmet. offers corporate carpooling. So opt for this slogan" Car Pool Mind Cool"

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  • A new car pooling website, where you can chat for FREE with car pool and bike pool offerers and requesters.

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  • Here is a carpool site which is very efficient in matching carpools as per your search needs:
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  • Here's a list of car-pooling initiatives undertaken in India at the present: Feel free to add to the list so that we are able to save fuel and money for each one of us.
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  • Hey guys... If you are looking for a carpool solution in indian metro cities like Delhi, Bangalore, Mumbai, Pune etc. then join

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Carpool In India ,carpool , car pool,carpool mumbai,carpool delhi,carpool mumbai

  1. 1. Green Presentation About Delhi Traffic and Control Vinay Arora 4.12.2008 A dream of Green and Clean Delhi
  2. 2. Current Situation High Pollution High Traffic Long driving hours… High fuel cost
  3. 3. Traffic in Delhi is increasing at speed of 30,000 New vehicles Per Month Normal vehicle has a fuel efficiency of 10 KM/L. If a car runs 50 km/day, it consumes 150 L fuel/month and will produce 5000 Kg CO2 in one year. An average mature tree can absorb about 4.5 kg carbon dioxide per year.
  4. 4. Thus , we need 1200 mature trees for absorbing CO2 emitted by ONE CAR And 3.6 Crore new trees per month to cover 30,000 new cars
  5. 5. At a speed of increasing traffic at the rate of 3 Lakh 60 thousand cars per year Delhi alone need 43 Crore 20 Lakh trees every year to remain at present condition of Pollution
  6. 6. Govt. is doing great job by making flyovers and widening roads But Can govt. make unlimited flyovers? There is a limit to widening roads too
  7. 7. Think of condition of traffic when cheap cars like Nano will be launched. 1:- % of people having car will increase. 2:- Number of car’s per family will increase.
  8. 8. Source of Traffic Population of Delhi can be divided into 3 categories Lower Class Middle Class Higher Class 1:-These people can not afford Car 2:-Make maximum use of Public transport 3:- Use cycles or walking 4:- These are 25% of total population 1:-These people are working in IT companies on higher salaries 2:-These can even afford loan for car 3:-They even travel in public transport 4:- These are 65% of total population 1:-These people are working in IT companies on higher salaries 2:-These can even afford multiple cars at home 3:-Most of people drive alone in car 4:- These are 10% of total population
  9. 9. We have to target middle class first Which is 65% of traffic contributors
  10. 10. Characteristics of Middle class Biggest Traffic Contributor 1:-These people are salaried people 2:-They are very much worried about fuel price hike 3:-They have taken loans to buy a car 4:-They are willing to save money by any means if offered 5:-They are biggest contributor of the traffic. 6:-They can make a big difference in traffic condition if given some profitable solution. 7:- Most of them work in call centers and IT companies on very high salaries
  11. 11. If we offer them a cost effective solution for saving petrol without compromising there standard they will definitely accept But the question is…. what solution can be offered to them?
  12. 12. I have come up with a solution… Its car pooling solution… Its not something new and even people did not like it in past…
  13. 13. Why people did not like car pooling?? There were many reasons for that. I spoke to many people and got same answers as expected. 1:- Security concern… I don’t want to pool with stranger 2:- I don’t know about car pooling concept 3:- I prefer to pool with people of my company only 4:- Most important… how can we find a right pool partner.
  14. 14. I did a lot of research on this… I understood mentality and expectations of people.. I found that finding a carpool partner is just like finding a life partner. People have lot of expectation from the person they are willing to pool. People have choice like pooling with non smokers , or with females only. Some people have timing issues too.
  15. 15. Keeping all these points in mind , I designed a solution. It’s a “CORPORATE” carpooling website This word “Corporate” actually solved maximum issues This website acts like a internal corporate car pooling website for all companies who are getting registered. People of same company can find each other and pool together. They do have options to find non smokers , male/females, travel days and timings etc
  16. 16. The name of website is I launched this website on 15 th Aug 2008 Within 2 months of its launched , I got more than 12,000 users registered on website Today thousands pools are available on website and still increasing everyday
  17. 17. My website has successfully reduced more than 25,000 cars from roads of Delhi in a short time span of 2 months 99% companies in Delhi still don’t know about this website If all companies are informed about this service, we can reduce millions of cars from the road Each one car pooled actually reduce 4 cars of the roads So pooling of 1000 cars will reduce 4000 cars
  18. 18. So pooling of 1000 cars will actually reduce 4000 cars off the road Another most important fact is:- Each 1000 cars pooled will save 1200000 ( 12 Lakh) Trees
  19. 19. My Contribution to Delhi By reducing 25,000 cars of the roads in 2 months… has actually grown 300,00,000 ( 3 Crore ) Trees
  20. 20. I am sure If Govt , Delhi Police and join hands We can control 75% of middle class traffic population And make our Delhi Green Before 2010 Commonwealth Games
  21. 21. Jai Hind