Implement Marketing: social media activity for Crawley Live event


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Powerpoint presentation showing Implement Marketing's social media management of Crawley Live, a 3 day Jubilee weekend music event. Klout score of 32% achieved for Twitter. Facebook engagement ratio of 67.6% achieved in the run-up to the event, rising to a massive 94% immediately after the event. As a comparison, Isle of Wight Festival (larger scale event) achieved 16% engagement ratio during the event. Photographs proved the most viral Facebook post, achieving double the virality of a status update. Tweets directly streamed from Twitter to the Facebook page were the least successful posts.

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Implement Marketing: social media activity for Crawley Live event

  1. 1. Post Event SummaryCompiled 18/6/12
  2. 2. Overview• Crawley Live was a 3 day open-air music festival held in Crawley, West Sussex, over the Jubilee Bank Holiday Weekend (1-3 June 2012)• Total no. attended: 5,000• Advertising was minimal due to limited budget, with Implement Marketing’s remit to raise the event’s profile via Facebook and Twitter and get the event listed on local directory websites promoting Jubilee weekend things to do
  3. 3. Website Page Rank Before Event After Event
  4. 4. Website position in search results From position 25 to no. 1 on Google
  5. 5. Website position in search results From not recognised to position 2 for Yahoo and Bing
  6. 6. Main Referral Websites
  7. 7. No. Backlinks to websiteThis increase correlates with date Implement Marketing began listing on directory websites (from 29/4/12)
  8. 8. Activity SummaryType of Activity No. listed onDirectory Listings on: 32Music/Gig websitesRadio Station websitesWhere to go websitesNewspaper websitesCouncil WebsitesFacebook wall posts on complementary pages 35TV & Radio Stations – personal contact 3Facebook wall posts on band pages 7 out of 9 bands had a Facebook presenceTwitter activity with Sunday’s acts 7 acts on Twitter
  9. 9. Twitter#crawleylive….sadly not a trendsetter!
  10. 10. Klout score for Twitter: 32 as at 31/5/12 (day before event) What is Klout? Our friendships and professional connections have moved online, making influence measurable for the first time in history. When you recommend, share, and create content you impact others. Your Klout Score measures that influence on a scale of 1 to 100.What determines a ‘good’ Klout score?Klout’s definition: Influence is relative so it depends on your goal and peers.The average Klout Score is not 50; instead, it is around 20.The Score becomes exponentially harder to increase as you move up the scale.For instance, it is much harder to move from a 70 to a 75 than from a 20 to a 25.
  11. 11. Top Tweets generated by @crawleylive
  12. 12. Top Tweets generated by @Crawleylive
  13. 13. Event mention by top comedian Shame the correct Twitter handle (@Crawleylive) wasn’t used…could have been targeted exposure to 84,801 followers AND 6 x retweet audience of 3,178 Total reach: 92,054
  14. 14. Facebook
  15. 15. Facebook: Key Performance IndicatorEvent Dates No. Likes No. Talking Engagement Date Tracked about page RatioCrawley Live 1-3 June 117 76 65% 25/5 (7 days) 2012 135 69 51% 31/5 134 58 43% 1/6 (Event) 143 121 85% 4/6 146 137 94% 6/6IOW Festival 21-24 June 34842 1512 4.3% 31/5 37163 4051 10.9% 18/6 (3 days) 37,480 4,650 12.4% 20/6 (1 day) 39,685 6,570 16.6% 22/6 (Event)Nova Arts & Music 5-8 July 2012 87 4.3% 31/5Festival 2161 168 7.8% 18/6 3 wks to(Pulborough) go80’s Rewind 20-22 July 23724 789 3.3% 31/5Festival 24749 925 3.7% 18/6 1 mth to(Perth, Scotland) go
  16. 16. Average Facebook Engagement RatioCrawley Live scored a MASSIVE 94% directlyafter the eventAveraging: 67.6% pre/during/post eventAs a comparison, Isle of Wight Festival onlyscored an average of 16% during the event
  17. 17. Most shared Facebook posts
  18. 18. Most shared Facebook posts
  19. 19. Most shared Facebook postsLeast shared: tweets re-posted and posts on other timelines
  20. 20. Visits to the Facebook page
  21. 21. Key Social Media Learnings• Bands to get behind event more effectively on Facebook and Twitter from outset – talk about event on their pages, share event page and interact better with Facebook timeline/wall• Utilise more Photograph posts on Facebook as they have better interaction• Live social media feeds on website to improve SEO• Videos posted in run-up to event to help SEO and promote event through sharing of content• Twitter wall at event to encourage interaction