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Globalized id hub

  1. 1. ZHAO (S3222821)
  2. 2. Present myself personaAs an international student from china, I would like to position myself asthe cross-culture communication roles. Since China is during her hugedeveloping era, as a Chinese who could feeling and engage in thistime, make me feel very pleasure and proud. However, during thistime, Chinese happened a lot of interesting things, some mistake, somesuccessful. I want to as a student view to introduce these events to theworld. Moreover, as a Chinese who study oversea there also have someopportunities can find some information and news, which cannot see inChina. It help me could learn how to understanding and get informationfrom an objective ways. It is also an interesting part I want to present topeoples. On the other hand, since, I come here bring a different culturebackground, the most interesting things is the culture crush and culturefusion, I could find out how Chinese culture influenced Australianculture, also some example how Australian culture influenced Chineseculture. These interesting phenomena also becomes a topic to introduceto the others.
  3. 3. Positioning Statement:I would like to present to who have interesting in cross-culturecommunication, especially Chinese culture. Chinese is during a hugedeveloping era, it should be know by world people how it is feel byChinese people. I will present myself as an international student whocome from china and study in Australia.Value PropositionDifferent view than other Chinese people, because I am studying overseaand communication is my subject. It can help me see things differentlyand focus on the culture communication.Brand StoryCome from china, stay Melbourne 5 years, love Chinese culture, also lovecommunication, work and study experience helps me building a strongconnection with Australian people and Chinese culture.
  4. 4. Carolzhao1107• A review about the theory and lecture topic
  5. 5. Carolzhao1107• My media map: use class excises toshow media world in my eyes.•• Chinese will become one of thebiggest media communicationcountries within 5 years: I discussedthe opportunities in china how itcould become the mediacommunication country in 4 aspect.•
  6. 6. Twitter
  7. 7. Twitter
  8. 8. InstagramInstagram is an online photo-sharing and social networking service thatenables its users to take pictures, apply digital filters to them, and share themon a variety of social networking services, such as Facebook or Twitter.Users can upload photographs, connect their Instagram account to othersocial networking sites (which will enable the option to share uploaded photosto those sites), and follow other users‘ feeds.In 2012, Instagram created web profiles which allows users to use theirInstagram account like a social media site. This gave users a web profilefeaturing a selection of recently shared photographs, biographicalinformation, and other personal details. The web feed is a simpler version ofthe phone app, mimicking the look and feel users are already accustomed to.Instragram is a new form of communication tools to hlep people engaged intoanother peoples pictures life to share and comments, the visiblecharacteristics always could easily attract people to follow it.In Instagram, it covers the plaint people also with famous publishers, likefashion organization, the publishers are the normal people upload their dailylife, also some famous organization to publish their newest news and product.The readers in very wide range, it could be used to promote a social enterpriselike fashion show or some pictures used activities.