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  1. 1. Madison Mustangs Leadwith Service Learning
  2. 2. English/Language Arts Social Studies/History Languages•Children’s literature on homelessness such SS content writing – 5th graders who Different foods and cultures around theas Fly Away or Maniac McGee (gives visited Urban Ministries can write a worldstudents a chance to make inferences) reflection/persuasive piece Eating habits•Writing using prompts from children’s How is the economy affecting the Manners, utensils, seating arrangementsstories or prompt “It would be difficult to numbers of people who are If someone went to a shelter that didn’tbe without a home because…” homeless/hungry in our community? speak English, how might they•Write a persuasive letter encouraging your Alike/Different – How are people? communicate their needs?family, church, neighbors to donate How has the closing of a plant put•Make cards of joy to share with folks who change into place (5 themes ofattend/utilize Urban Ministries geography)? How the history of our•Bring in newspaper, magazine, internet community resulted in homelessness?articles about homelessness in our area to Compare and contrast globalshare•Write a story from the perspective of ahomeless child homelessness (U.S. vs. another country) Hunger, Homelessness, Theater, Music & Visual Arts Math Find songs related to homelessness, poverty, food nutrition to incorporate into music Sorting collectables (cans, boxes, etc.) Count Create a well-balanced meal (cooking and class. Poverty recipe w/fractions), adding Art projects to study artists that focus on homelessness, poverty (real life Hunger, calories, percentages of daily intake (fat, cals, salt, etc.) pictures) Homelessness, Graph, make different types and Skits/productions for homelessness (how students view homelessness before and after instruction) and Poverty compare, “most wanted” foods to advocate for items that can be donated Compare different food group items Across the donated – which is more/least PowerPoint info. talking about the Urban Ministries and introducing what the non-profit is and its purpose Curriculum Create posters to advertise the topic Create a collage with food labels Make posters encouraging donations Physical Education Computer Science Health aspect – food Use for research Study effects of food groups on our pyramid, exercise with lifting and PowerPoint/digital slide show to present health/body moving around, exercise to burn off to students Compare nutritional needs of animals to certain foods, hygiene, calorie intake Online clips on poverty – United humans How does poverty and hunger affect Streaming videos/DVD’s Does the shelter have more people in 1 your physical performance Website ?’s about food/questionnaire season or another? How does weather How does poverty, hunger and Graph US food consumption vs. local affect turnout? What other things may homelessness affect lifespan? consumption affect people turnout? Homelessness effecting emotional Create a slide show of food “wasted” in health which also effects physical the Madison Elementary cafeteria (one health day)
  3. 3. MadisonCollected506 Lbs. of Food!
  4. 4. Mrs. Lewis, of Greensboro Urban Ministry, gives us a little backgroundinformation to start our work day.
  5. 5. “I learned that peopleneed food, water, andclothes to survive. Thatyou are lucky to have ahome, clothes, food andwater. Tanner S.
  6. 6. I learned that even kidscan make a difference inanything! At the end Ihad a smile on myface, and a great feelingof accomplishment!Spencer M.
  7. 7. I learned that if you workyou don’t have to get areward. Aubrey F.
  8. 8. After I had a trip toUrban Ministry I plan tohelp people in thefuture. Jacob A
  9. 9. My experience at Urban Ministry was one of my favoritefield trips, my heart definitely grew bigger. It made me sadto think that all of those people in the community kitchenneeded a meal. But it all came out great and everyone wasreally nice and I loved it. Alley W.
  10. 10. I learned at Urban Ministrythat you should never takelife for granted. That thesame thing could happen toyou. Cielo L. I had a very good time at Urban Ministry. I think it was a good idea to go on this field trip and to help people in need. Kyriel W.
  11. 11. I learned that it’s importantto help people because ifsomething happens in yourlife you’re going to want thesame help back.Ariana D.
  12. 12. Character Counts!
  13. 13. Learning Creativity InvolvementServiceLearning
  14. 14. Mustangs Lead with Service Learning: K-5 Hunger Homelessness and Poverty Curriculum Activities Reflections reveal students ability to empathize and identify ways to affect change in their community Student Council coordinates Can Food Drive 506 pounds of food is donated to Urban Ministry Students participate in United Way Student Giving Campaign Students donate $1,130.00 to the Urban Ministry 5th grade students volunteer at Urban Ministry for a day and work in the food bank, community kitchen, and clothing bank Students feel empowered and share ideas for ways to affect their community in the future!
  15. 15. Madison ElementaryYou can “BE THE CHANGE”.