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Turner powerpt

  1. 1. By: Ashley Turner 3rd Grade Spring 2011
  2. 2. Our Solar System•Made up of nine planets•All planets circle around the Sun •Circular paths are called orbits•Made up of two parts •Inner and Outer Solar System
  3. 3. Our Solar SystemInner Solar System Outer Solar System Click on the Picture of the solar system you would like to explore.
  4. 4. Inner Solar System•Contains Mercury, Venus, Earth, and Mars •Closest to the Sun Click on a planet to explore!
  5. 5. Mercury •Closest to the sun •Eighth largest of the planets •Has no moons•Temperature ranges 90 K to 700 K
  6. 6. Venus •Second planet from the sun •Sixth largest of the planets •Small rocky planet•Covered in yellowish clouds made of poison •Has no moons.
  7. 7. Earth•Third planet from the sun•Fifth largest of the planets •Small rocky planet •Supports a variety of life
  8. 8. Mars •Fourth planet from the sun•Seventh largest of the planets •Mars has two tiny moons
  9. 9. Outer Solar System •Contains Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and PlutoJupiter Uranus Saturn Neptune Click on a planet to explore!
  10. 10. Jupiter •Fifth planet from the sun •Largest of all nine planets •Giant gas planet•Twice as massive as all the other planets combined •Has 16 known moons
  11. 11. Saturn •Sixth planet from the sun •Second largest of the planets •Giant gas planet•Famous for its thousands of beautiful rings •Has 18 known moons
  12. 12. Uranus•Seventh planet from the sun •Third largest of the planets •Giant gas planet •Has 15 known moons
  13. 13. Neptune •Eighth planet from the sun•Fourth largest of the planets •Giant gas planet •Has 8 known moons
  14. 14. Pluto•Farthest planet from the sun •The smallest of the planets •Officially not a planet at all•Now called a "dwarf planet" •.Pluto has one moon
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