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What do I want from my IBM software?


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What do customers want from their IBM software?. Deployment itself is only the beginning, so how do some customers get maximum value right through the software lifecycle - bringing down costs in the process. Read on to learn more.

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What do I want from my IBM software?

  1. 1. I am an IBM Software Customer
  2. 2. I need my software to help my business be successful
  3. 3. I need my software to be current and supported
  4. 4. I want to be confident that my environment is stable
  5. 5. I want to be alerted to potential risks and the impact to my environment
  6. 6. I need to reduce the time to resolution of support issues
  7. 7. I want relevant filtered documentation to reach my teams as soon as it is available
  8. 8. I need guidance on appropriate upgrades and fixes
  9. 9. I want a trusted advisor who understands how my infrastructure works
  10. 10. I need someone to be my voice inside IBM
  11. 11. I want an experienced IBM advisor to help me plan trouble-free deployments
  12. 12. I need my employees to have the right software configuration skills and product knowledge
  13. 13. I want to stay ahead of the competition
  14. 14. I want an IBM single point of contact
  15. 15. I want an allocation of IBM on-site days
  16. 16. WHY? Because this is how I get maximum value from my IBM software solutions. I am a satisfied customer, I am an IBM Accelerated Value customer
  17. 17. The IBM Software Accelerated Value Program Optimizing your IBM software solutions, helping to bring a steady-state environment, and taking action to help make you competitive, successful, cost-effective and productive.
  18. 18. The IBM Software Accelerated Value Program How much smarter could you be working?
  19. 19. The IBM Software Accelerated Value Program Knows your environment Comprehends your products Understands your goals Appreciates your challenges Leverages experience
  20. 20. The IBM Software Accelerated Value Program Interconnects with IBM teams Applies knowledge and experience Researches personalized information Accesses up to the minute and pre-published data Delivers recommendations
  21. 21. The IBM Software Accelerated Value Program Delivers answers Expedites results Lowers risk Prevents issues Reduces costs Empowers teams
  22. 22. IBM Accelerated Value makes a difference Find out more Twitter: @IBMSoftwareValu Contact: