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Letters: Shamcher Beorse and Carol Sill, 1974-1977


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Published in: Spiritual, Education
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Letters: Shamcher Beorse and Carol Sill, 1974-1977

  1. 1. A Sufi Correspondence A rare document of the intimate relationship between a teacher and pupil
  2. 2. Training of the Heart Fly along as Shamcher intuitively guides Carol in the path of Love. Discover the winding routes of Love’s progress, growth and development. The process of inner development is all documented here – in real time, through the original correspondence.
  3. 3. Love, Harmony and Beauty Shamcher mailed all Carol’s letters back to her, with copies of his own, asking her to publish them. Read this book as it was written: as an unfolding correspondence of the soul.
  4. 4. ShamcherBeorse (1896-1980) A contemporary western mystic and a student of the great sufi Pir-O- MurshidInayat Khan. Sufi, yogi, engineer, economist, writer, WWII spy, generalist and pioneer of OTEC (Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion)
  5. 5. PAPERBACK $16.99 KINDLE &EPUB$5.996x9, 212 pages