Want to Learn More? Read the UX Canon:http://blog.semanticfoundry.com/2010/08/25/the-ux-canon-essential-reading-for-the-us...
User Research 101 Handout
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User Research 101 Handout


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Handout provided at User Research 101: DIY Quick Course, presented at CodeMash

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User Research 101 Handout

  1. 1. Want to Learn More? Read the UX Canon:http://blog.semanticfoundry.com/2010/08/25/the-ux-canon-essential-reading-for-the-user-experience-designer/I state that I am at least 18 years of age and wish to participate in a program of research being conducted by XYZ.The purpose of this research is for XYZ to understand patient’s needs more clearly. The information gathered will be used solely to redesign www.com in a way that better serves patients and prospective patients.Participants will be asked to answer some questions about how they need and want to use information regarding seeking medical treatment. Participants will also be asked to review some printed pages of the existing web site and discuss whether pages are user friendly. The total time involved including instructions will be no more than 60 minutes.I hereby grant to XYZ permission and license to have hospital administration review the data I provide. All personal information collected in this study is confidential. I understand that the data I provide will be aggregated with data others provide for the purpose of reporting and presentation and that my name will not be used. I understand that the session will be audio recorded. I release and assign to XYZ all rights I may have in the responses or any other visual audio or electronic materials collected with my consent during this session.I am free to ask questions or withdraw from participation at any time and without penalty. I understand that this study is not designed to help me personally but that the investigators hope to update the website and create content that is helpful for patients, prospective patients, medical staff and the public.Investigator: Carol Smith, Midwest Research, LLCTelephone: (773) 218-6568 Email: carol@mw-research.comPrinted Name of Research Participant _________________Signature of Research Participant ____________________Date______________________Carol SmithMidwest Research, LLCCell: (773) 218-6568Twitter: @carologicEmail: carol@mw-research.comhttp://www.mw-research.comRelease/Consent Form - Medical PatientsPreparation ChecklistsObservations Release/Consent FormAudio Recorder and Camera. Usually need additional permission for video.Notepad / laptopIncentivesInterviewsRelease/Consent FormScriptAudio Recorder and Camera. Usually need additional permission for video.Notepad / laptopIncentives Card SortingRelease/Consent FormScriptPre-printed cardsOne set for each participant (at least enough for entire day)Coded with random number for faster analysisBlank cards (participant’s use)Large or colored cards (groups)Board to sort on - makes photos easierMarkers (group names/new cards)Camera (photography each sort)For organizing cards:ClipsBaggies Post-itsIncentivesUser Research 101: DIY Quick Course<br />Recruiting Participants<br />This is the most time consuming activity of any study. Schedule two weeks of recruiting time for a “simple” recruit and more time for people who are very busy and hard to make time with (medical personnel, high level management, etc.). Before confirming sessions be sure that someone has spoken with the participant to verify that they are sufficiently articulate. Do not recruit people who are quiet or who give one-word responses during the recruiting process.Create a ScreenerA screener is a guide that helps determine who will participate based on their answers to questions. Create questions that will get people to provide descriptive answers. Where possible ask prospective to describe their situation before providing multiple choice options. This enables you to determine if they are articulate enough for your study, and reduces chances that they are picking an answer because it “sounds right.”People who pass the screener should closely match your user group definition. If doing a study “in the wild” (intercepting people at the time they are doing something relevant), just do a short screening.Hire a RecruiterRecruiters are experienced at identifying good participants. They may already have a list they can start with. A recruiter allows you to focus on preparation and other work.Good recruiters...Find participants that match your criteria.Give regular updates.Take care of directions, confirmations, incentives, etc.Do it YourselfGo where users go (post flyers in coffee shops, grocery stores, etc.)Online user groups (LinkedIn, Yahoo!/Google Groups, etc.) Professional organizationsCraigslistEthnio – recruit through your website http://ethnio.com<br />Recruiting Flyer Example<br />416242528575<br />Understand users. Improve products.How Many Participants Should I Recruit?As many as possible. Your study sample will rarely be statistically significant. We recommend at least five participants for any type of study.Usability Testing Trivia: Research in the 1990s showed that five participants from a distinct sub-group of the user population (primary user group) yielded 80% of the findings (Nielsen, Virzi, Lewis). This was only valid when a usability expert had reviewed the interface for obvious issues prior to the usability test. Findings diminished when research continued beyond the five participants.<br />Carol SmithMidwest Research, LLCCell: (773) 218-6568Twitter: @carologicEmail: carol@mw-research.comhttp://www.mw-research.com<br />We provide:Design ResearchExpert EvaluationsCustomer ResearchUsability Testing<br />