Greene County Middle School Technology Resources


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This is a powerpoint about the technology resources we use here at Greene County Middle School!

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Greene County Middle School Technology Resources

  1. 1. Instructional Technology at GCMS
  2. 2. iPhoto Pages Thinking Maps Keynote iWeb Applications we use!
  3. 3. Podcasting with Garage Band
  4. 4. Pages
  5. 5. Comic Life
  6. 6. OnLine Programs
  7. 7. ClassScape in an online classroom assessment system that facilitates learning by focusing on curricular objectives. ClassScape enables teachers to monitor student performance on North Carolina Standard Course of Study academic indicators. Teachers can build custom assessments or use tests prepared by ClassScape.
  8. 9. Our main use for this is for STAR Testing. In the fall and spring we Star Test our students to give us a starting place to know your child as a reader. Renaissance Place
  9. 10. Destiny/Media Center
  10. 11. eChalk
  11. 12. NetTrekker Students can access it from the student hompage. This is an educational search engine that enables students and teachers to search safe, relevant resources in an engaging way. NetTrekker has a wealth of resources for teachers, offers a read-aloud feature for students who need modifications, and an ELL component. It also contains a teacher information resource section with unlimited information teachers need to be successful in the 21st century classroom.
  12. 13. United Streaming Students and teachers access this resource via the homepage. Teachers can use this as a resource for streaming educational videos online to help introduce lessons or offer a more indept explaination of certain topics. The Assignment Builder is a versatile resource that helps teachers build online activities and web-based projects that are stored on the Discovery Education streaming servers. Teachers can use this as a tool to create student assignments that integrate a variety of digital assignments through the Student Center. They can even assign quizzes to students.
  13. 14. BrainPop BrainPOP is a familiar resouce for students. It is an ideal tool used to introduce lessons or topics to illustrate detailed subject matter, or reviewing before a test. A search can be conducted to find videos that correlate with state standards. It is a 21st centruy learning tool for students and teachers!
  14. 15. Classworks Classworks is a new resouce to GCMS this year. Currently, some students in 6th and 7th grades are using it. Teachers use it to reinforce certain skills with their class as a whole, or they can assign individual units as a review. For some students, Individualized Learning Paths are created for them based on test scores from ClassScape. It is animated and fun for students to do, it is on their individual level and focuses on the speific skills they need the most help with.