Brand Expert Interview


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Brand Expert Interview

  1. 1. DM5502 Branding Strategy StudiesGroup 19 1
  2. 2. DM5502 Branding Strategy Studies Group 19 Tátil Lorena Current Future Digital ConclusionValues source  of   in  nature  as  a   rands”   “Tátil  believes   nies  and  b ople  compa inspirat ion  for  pe ite Tátil  webs Approach “The   goal   of   Tátil   is   to view   of   pro   develop   a   b fit,   going   roader   v i e w   t h a t   beyond   a   fi w i l l   e n s u r nancial   sustainabilit e   l o n g   l a y”  Tátil  website s t i n g   n Role of desig sustainable   e lement,   novative   and   [companies]   e   in   design  as   a   in .]   offering   “We   believ   future,   [.. e inventing   the rs.”  Tátil  Websit e capable   of   r ts  of  consume e  in  the  hear a  memorable  plac
  3. 3. Tátil Lorena Current Future Digital Conclusion Lorena Castellan Brand Strategy Manager“ I   think   about   the   best   approaches   for   each  client,  [...]  I  propose  alignments   and   try  to  understand   macro  challenges   and   long-­‐term   objectives   to,   with   my   “ team,   find   customised   and   effective   solutions. 11 years of experience in branding, brand strategy and planning. “Alignment  between  what   you  speak  and  what  you  do, what  it  seems  to  be   and  what  it  really  is.” 2* Interview made by email in portuguese and translated to english by Carolina Montenegro
  4. 4. Tátil Lorena Current Future Digital Conclusion“ I  think  the  Brazil,  in  the  last  10  years,  progressed  a  lot  in  the   v i s i o n   a b o u t   d e s i g n ,   c r e a t i o n   a n d   b r a n d   m a n a g e m e n t   a t   Brazilian Branding corporations.   [...]   However,   I   believe   we   still   have   a   lot   to   develop   in   order   to   transform   the   branding   as   a   organisational   culture   that   assumes   intangibles   [...]   “ are  the  most  important  thing  for  the  organisation... “ ...we   are   talking   about   brands   that   still   focused   in   commodities.  [...][Branding]  still  very  unknown  and,  for  that   reason,   poorly   understood.   The   companies’   top-­‐executives   do   “ not   have   enough   training   to   rationally   buy   those   services. [...]  everything  is  a  big  lottery,  a  big  betting. TV Transform Advertising Channel to branding 4
  5. 5. Tátil Lorena Current Future Digital Conclusion“ I   think   we   have   a   big   challenge   and   also   a   big   opportunity   that   is   rethink   the   brands   as   vectors   of   growing   and   catalysts   between   business   and   people.   How   brands   can   generate   business   with   shared   “ value,   thinking   about   relationship   platforms   and   also   new   business   that  align  their  proposals  with  the  people’s  real  needs.  “Brazil   will   require   a   lot   of   investments  in  the   next  few   years   and  the   brands   will  have   a   essential   role   in   this   growing,   “catalysing  and  stimulating  this  evolution. 2016 Olympic Games brand platform - Tátil
  6. 6. Tátil Lorena Current Future Digital Conclusion “ the   digital   environment   [...]   is   capable   to   increase   or   reduce   for   e v e r   t h e   b r a n d   v a l u e   a n d   t h e   “ enterprise   reputation   with   a   simple   tweet.Will digital branding become more importantthan other forms of brand communication?“At  the  same  time  that  there  is  an  wave  of   new   and   better   digital   app,   people  want   to   buy   antique   vinyl   and   retro  phonographs.  I  think  that  the   human   do  not   live   only   with   virtual.   The  physical,  the   touch,   the   five  senses  activation   goes   beyond   the   digital  relationship.  In   the   future,  [...]   may  be   the   digital   increase   its   power,   “however,   it   will   act   in   the   same   way  as  the  analogue.  
  7. 7. Tátil Lorena Current Future Digital Conclusion  its    say  it  is, ut  wh at  you p ot  abo .  -­‐The  Brand  G a d  is  n is A  bran ey  say  it   h what  t         We   agree  with   Lorena   Castellans’   views   on   branding   and   the   future   directions.   Branding   makes   a   connection   between  people  and  business.
  8. 8. Group 19 Siying Mo 1128721 Dian Mu 1127002 Kyong Pin Mun 1105108 HwaSuk Na 1123950 Tanvi Nafdey 1124088 Carolina Montenegro 1125287Thank you! 8