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Communication Device


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Published in: Technology, News & Politics
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Communication Device

  1. 1. Communication DeviceCaroline & OliDate
  2. 2. Personas
  3. 3. Existing Device Research
  4. 4. The Specifications✤ We made a specification for the device to make our work more structured, the device would have to match the criteria that we set; • No larger than 200mm x 145mm (in other words, no bigger than an average tablet pc). • At least a 5 inch touch screen display. • At least one speaker (so that the device could be used to alert users of about anything important, a bit like an alarm clock). • Some way of controlling the device apart from via its touch screen (we felt this would be important to include incase the touchscreen feature broke but you still needed to have some information displayed quickly). • A way of connecting the device to social networking sites to gather information about the users up and coming events, as well as their partners. • A built in stand and/or way of displaying the device.
  5. 5. Sketches
  6. 6. 1st Version
  7. 7. User Testing✤ We introduced people to our initial designs, this is some of the feedback we got: ✤ Maybe needs a stand rather than being hung on the wall ✤ Does it need replaceable batteries? ✤ Slider could be fiddly, especially when hung on a wall - would prefer buttons
  8. 8. Final Design
  9. 9. Final Device Design