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New york

  1. 1. NEW YORKBy: Alyssa
  2. 2. New York has twonicknames, the Big Apple andthe Empire State.STATE NICKNAMES
  3. 3. The state motto is Excelsior, whichmeans Ever Upward.STATE MOTTO& ORIGIN OF STATE NAMENew York was named after the EnglishDuke of York and Albany in 1664 whenthe region called New Amsterdam wastaken from the Dutch.JAMES STEWART
  4. 4. People from New York aretraditionally called NewYorkers.New York is ranked 27th in sizeand 3rd in population. Thereare 19,378,102 people in NewYork.N A M E F O R R E S I D E N T S & T O TA LP O P U L AT I O N A N D R A N K
  5. 5. B O R D E R I N G S TAT E S O R C O U N T R I E S &C A P I TA L C I T Y & O T H E R L A RG E C I T I E SCanada is the only country that boarders NewYork. NewJersey, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, Vermont, and Massachusetts are all states that border NewYork. The Capital of New York is Albany. Thelargest city is New York City.
  6. 6.  The New York State flag features the state arms on afield of deep blue sky with a bright yellow sun with twosailboats in a lake. There are two women on either side ofthe lake. On top of the lake there is a globe with an eagleon it. At the bottom it says the state motto, Excelsior. The state flower is a rose. The state tree is a sugar maple tree. The state bird is a blue bird. The New York state bug is a nine spotted lady bug. The state animal is beaver. The state gem is a wine red garnett.STATE SYMBOLS
  7. 7. New Yorks leading industry isagriculture. Milk is New York’s leadingagricultural product and is produced allacross the state. Milk sales account forover half of the total agricultural receipts.New York ranks fourth for milk and dairyproduction in the U.S.New York produces a variety of fieldcrops in support of its dairy. Leadingcrops are, cabbage, sweet corn, andOnions.AGRICULTURE &INDUSTRY
  8. 8. Niagara Falls is one of the mostdistinguishing geographicalfeatures that New York has.New York also features theAdirondack and Catskillmountains, the Hudson Riverand the Finger Lakes.GEOGRAPHIC FEATURES
  9. 9. The governor of New York isAndrew Cuomo. Other famouspeople from New York include:Michael Jordan, TeddyRoosevelt, NormanRockwell, Herman Melville, andShirley Chisholm.FAMOUS NEW YORKERS
  10. 10. The most famous event in New Yorkhistory is the terrorist attacks onSeptember 11, 2001. On this day inhistory terrorists flew airplanes intothe twin towers in New York Citykilling 2,753 people.FAMOUS/HISTORIC EVENT
  11. 11. THR EE AW ESOME THINGS TO SEE A NDDO IN NEW YOR K I would like to visit the statue of Liberty because Ihave never been and I think it would be fun to visit withmy family. I would also like to visit the Empire State buildingbecause it is the most famous skyscraper in the world. I also think I would like to visit the Brooklyn Bridgebecause it is one of the most famous landmarks in NewYork.