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Alaska sam

  1. 1. AlaskaAlaskaBy Sam PothenBy Sam PothenThe Last FrontierThe Last FrontierThe Land Of The Midnight SunThe Land Of The Midnight Sun
  2. 2. GeographyGeographyAlaska is the mostAlaska is the mostprime state in all ofprime state in all ofU.S.A . Alaska isU.S.A . Alaska isalso one of the twoalso one of the twostates that havestates that havezero stateszero statesbordering them.bordering them.The states that doThe states that doborder them areborder them areRussia andRussia andCanada.Canada.
  3. 3. AlaskaAlaskaAlaska ‘ s governor isAlaska ‘ s governor isSean Parnell. Alaska isSean Parnell. Alaska is4747ththin USin USPopulation census . ThePopulation census . TheUS census bureauUS census bureaureported that Alaska isreported that Alaska isahead of North Dakotaahead of North Dakota, Wyoming, and, Wyoming, andVermontVermont(and Washington D.C.).(and Washington D.C.).The capital is JuneauThe capital is Juneau
  4. 4. Alaska State Bird And Other InterestingAlaska State Bird And Other InterestingFactsFactsAlaska ‘s state bird is theAlaska ‘s state bird is thewillow ptarmigan, statewillow ptarmigan, statetree is the Sitka Spruce,tree is the Sitka Spruce,and state flower is Forget-and state flower is Forget-me-notme-not ..
  5. 5. ScenerySceneryAlaskan scenery isAlaskan scenery isexceptionallyexceptionallystriking .Thoughstriking .Thoughthe scenery is verythe scenery is verystriking to the eyestriking to the eyeit is caused by ait is caused by anatural reason .natural reason .
  6. 6. IndustryIndustry Of Alaskas ten topOf Alaskas ten topemployers, five areemployers, five areengaged in the petroleumengaged in the petroleumindustry: ARCO Alaska,industry: ARCO Alaska,VECO, BP Exploration,VECO, BP Exploration,Alyeska Pipeline Service,Alyeska Pipeline Service,and Alaska Petroleumand Alaska PetroleumContractors. OtherContractors. Otherprincipal employersprincipal employersamong industry groupsamong industry groupsare food and kindredare food and kindredproducts, lumber andproducts, lumber andwood products, andwood products, andprinting and publishing.printing and publishing.
  7. 7. AgricultureAgriculture Alaska is not aAlaska is not amajor agriculturalmajor agriculturalstate. As a matterstate. As a matterof fact, it ranksof fact, it ranksdead last in totaldead last in totalagriculturalagriculturalproduction, overproduction, over25% of which is25% of which isprovided byprovided bygreenhouse andgreenhouse andnursery products.nursery products.
  8. 8. Famous PeopleFamous PeopleJohn LutherJohn LutherAdams :John is aAdams :John is acomposer that iscomposer that isstill living instill living inFairbanks . CarlosFairbanks . CarlosBoozer: Carlos isBoozer: Carlos isstill living instill living inJuneau, powerJuneau, powerforward for Chicagoforward for ChicagoBullsBulls..
  9. 9. Northern LightsNorthern LightsAlaskas geographic locationAlaskas geographic locationdirectly under the auroradirectly under the auroraoval makes it the worldsoval makes it the worldspremier aurora-viewingpremier aurora-viewingdestinationdestination.. Summer orSummer orwinter, our one-day andwinter, our one-day andmulti-day excursions offermulti-day excursions offervisitors their best chancevisitors their best chanceto witness one of naturesto witness one of naturesmost spectacular naturalmost spectacular naturalphenomenaphenomena.. AlaskasAlaskasaurora season extendsaurora season extendsfrom August 21 to April 21from August 21 to April 21..
  10. 10. Denali National ParkDenali National ParkSet on a massive area largerSet on a massive area largerthan the state ofthan the state ofMassachusetts, DenaliMassachusetts, DenaliNational Park is most famousNational Park is most famousas the site of Mt. McKinley,as the site of Mt. McKinley,the largest mountain in Norththe largest mountain in NorthAmerica. Situated 240 milesAmerica. Situated 240 milesnorth of Anchorage and 120north of Anchorage and 120miles south of Fairbanks,miles south of Fairbanks,Denali was first established asDenali was first established asa game refuge in 1917. Wella game refuge in 1917. Wellknown for its diversity ofknown for its diversity ofwildlife, it is not uncommon towildlife, it is not uncommon tospot grizzly bears, caribou,spot grizzly bears, caribou,moose and all sheep whenmoose and all sheep whenvisiting the park.visiting the park.
  11. 11. Sitka National Historical ParkSitka National Historical ParkAt only 113 acres, SitkaAt only 113 acres, SitkaNational HistoricalNational HistoricalPark is AlaskasPark is Alaskassmallest national parksmallest national parkbut hardily one lackingbut hardily one lackingfor scenic beauty orfor scenic beauty oran intriguing intriguing history.Located at the mouthLocated at the mouthof Indian River, withinof Indian River, withineasy walking distanceeasy walking distanceof downtown Sitka,of downtown Sitka,the park preserves thethe park preserves thesite where the Tlingitsite where the Tlingitfought the Russians.fought the Russians.
  12. 12. ConclusionConclusionI learned that AlaskaI learned that Alaskais a veryis a veryinteresting stateinteresting statefor the USAfor the USAbecause USbecause USbargained 7.2bargained 7.2million dollars tomillion dollars toget Alaska (notget Alaska (notincluded).included).
  13. 13. ResourcesResources