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Apc's customised digital signage solutions


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APC Displays+ Customised Solutions for Digital Signage

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Apc's customised digital signage solutions

  1. 1. by Richard January 2011
  2. 2.  1. Standard Advantech solutions with tweeks. 2. Configured to order Advantech solutions. 3. Panel PCs (from Advantech again!). 4. Board kits into your own housing. 5. Modules on “carrier boards” for high volume. 6. APC’s wealth of displays. 7. Touch screens R us! 8. Summary
  3. 3.  Question: So, wha’ d’ ya want?Answer: I need wireless… Solution: If 1080P not needed, fit WLAN inside the ARK-DS303, if it is add a dongle or switch to a larger ARK.Answer: I need DVI (rather than HDMI)… Solution: Switch to ARK-DS302 or ARK-3202 (CTOS) for DVI & VGA.
  4. 4. Answer: I need to install on a bus… Solution: Use an in vehicle Box PC such as ARK-1388 (for PSU, temp range and shock & vibration rating).Answer: I need an LVDS TFT interface… Solution: ARK-3399 or ARK-1388 has this as standard. Or buy a board kit to mate to your uncased display.
  5. 5. Answer: I need a trigger input… Solution: ARK-DS303 has DIO for a proximity sensor input or you could use a keyboard key press (both supported by signagelive).Answer: I need mobile phone interface… Solution: If 1080P not needed, fit GSM/GPRS/3G inside the ARK-DS303, if it is add a dongle or switch to a larger ARK see configured to order solution (CTOS).
  6. 6. ARK-6622 -cost effective chassis 1 expansion slot (PCI or PCIex16)… For TV input, video capture or multi-head graphics outputs. Range of processors from Atom to i7… For higher processing demands (eg video capture). Two hard disk drives… For greater storage flexibility.
  7. 7. ARK-3400 series –fanless Box PCs 2 expansion slot (PCI or PCIex16)… For more i/o flexibility. Range of processors from Atom to i7… For higher processing demands. Rugged, fanless case & more interface options… For silent & more i/o flexibility. Two hard disk drives (1 hotswap)… For even greater storage flexibility.
  8. 8.  UTC range –16:9, modern, business-consumer PPC, PPC-L & PPC-S ranges- 4:3 panel mount… PPC-xxx… fanned, 12-17”, up to Core2Duo. PPC-Lxxx… fanless, 6-15”, Low power processors. PPC-Sxxx… currently only 15”, Slimline, desk-top. Specialist products… TREK-xxx… vehicle mount 7-12”, sealed & fanless. UBIQ-xxx… building automation, 16:9, RISC processor!
  9. 9.  For kiosk-styled or your custom housed solutions Wide range of standard PC board formats Approved memory & storage products Windows Embedded operating systems …All kitted together and tested… with your software or signagelive loaded. All Advantech products carry a 2 year warranty which can be extended to 5 years.
  10. 10.  Computer board formats: PC/104- very compact with headers & cable kit. 3.5”- compact, some std connectors & cable kit. 5.25”/EBX- fully featured, PCI/e, headers, ck option. Mini-ITX- many chassis options, std connectors. Micro-ATX & full ATX- PC motherboards. Computer/System On Module products (COM/SOM)…
  11. 11.  For high volume & bespoke applications. Requires “carrier board” to house connectors. Carrier can house custom solution electronics. Allows a cable-free solution… Good for volume assembly & shock resistance.
  12. 12.  Several standard formats… “Credit card” to “picture postcard” in size. Board-to-board connector standards. Old 486 to latest i7 processors. Windows Embedded operating systems…
  13. 13.  Industrial ranges from more than 5 manufacturers… 2-22”(main focus) in 4:3 & 16:9 aspect ratio… Open-frame monitors up to 47”... Most with LED backlighting… Sunlight readable options- v.bright or transflective? VGA & PAL/NTSC video input interface kits & cables. Backlight driver boards Touch screens… (not much more!... Phew)
  14. 14.  Several types… Resistive is most common & (almost) any size… Simple controllers NEW PCI glass fronted, Iphone style coming in… Difficulties with controllers over 7 or 8” Other technologies optional with PPC ranges… Talk to us! Over 20 years’ experience!
  15. 15. Custom solutions are bespoke, so please talk to us first! Call Richard Colpman or Justin Coleman on 01480 226600 or or THANKS FOR YOUR TIME!