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What do authors do pretest


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What do authors do pretest

  1. 1. What do Authors do PretestClass: _______ Name: ________ Tested Date: ____________A. Vocabulary Matching: Write appropriate numbers into the bracket. 20%1. manuscript 2. persistent 3. publishers 4. rejection5. listen 6. historical societies 7. illustrators 8. diaries9. dummy 10. encouraging 11.outlines 12..sketcha. ( ) Information about the San Francisco earthquake is found in many ______.b. ( ) Most of the information can be found in _____.c.( ) Let’s _____ to the music.d.( ) The illustrators are drawing some pictures now. They ________ on their notebooks.e.( ) The _________ dog kept trying to find the bone buries in the yard.f.( ) Some writers make a ______ of their book for the publishers.g.( ) The __________ printed a book about trees and forests.h.( ) When I get bad scores, my teacher always gives _______ words.i.( ) We should turn in the report next month, let’s make some ______first.j.( ) The man knew that he did not get the job when he received a ____letter.B. Grammar: Choose the right answer. 20% 1. _______ Diana was much taller _______ Charles. ( A as B like C than ) 2. _______Texas is big but Alaska is _______ .( A more big B biger C bigger) 3. _______This one is better _______ that one.(Aas B like C than) 4. _______American Beauty was the _______ film that year. (A worse B best C better) 5. _______This hamburger is bad, but that one is _______ . ( A badder B worst C worse) 6. _______ Of all the sofas Ive seen so far, this one is .(A nicer B the nicest C most nice) 7. _______ Moscow is a long way away but Ulan Batur is even ___ . (Afurther B more far C father) 8. _______ Im not short. Im just _______ tall as Hans. (A as B like C than) 9. _______Shes beautiful I agree, but her mother is ____. (A beautifuller B most beautiful C .more beautiful)10 _______Samantha is just as rich _______ David. (A as B like C than)C. Comprehension: 45%1. ( ) In this selection, Max is a (a. writer b. dog c. duck d. cat).2.( ) What happens first? (a. Rufus chases Max. b. Two authors write about Max. c. Rufus goes to the library. d. An author gets a letter.).3.( ) The main purpose of this selection is to (a. describe a dog and a cat. b. talk readers into keeping pets. c. tell a silly story d. explain how books are written).4.( ) What is the first step in writing a book? (a. A dog chases a cat. b. The author makes a list. c. A person buys the book. d. The author gets an idea.)5.( ) Author show their work to other people because they want to- (a. let other people use their ideas
  2. 2. b. make new friends. c. see if people like their stories. d. stop writing.)6. ( ) What do most authors do after their books are turned down by the publishers? (a. They make new dummies. b. They make lists of what might happen next. c. They send their books to other publishers. d. they throw their books away.)7.( ) The people in this selection like to (a. chase their pets. b. write stories. c. receive rejection letters. d. throw stories away.)8.( ) Which detail from the story could not really happen? (a. Authors get ideas from pets. b. A cat chases a dog. c. Authors gather information and take notes. d. A cat and a dog talk.)9.( ) Which sentence states an opinion? (a. “My story is about a dog-chasing cat.” b. “His book is more exciting now.” C. “They make lists or outlines. D. “They work on their manuscripts some more.”)10.( ) What is the first thing an author needs to get started? (a. a good idea. B. a funny pet c. paper and pencils d. research notes)11.( ) According to the selection, which of the following is not a step that authors do while preparing to write? (a. Make sketches and outlines. B. Interviews, listen, and take notes. C. Keep their work secret until it is finished. D. Do research at museum and libraries.)12. ( ) According to the selection, which often happens when an author receives a rejection letter from the editors? (a. The author makes changes to the story. B. The author throws the book away. C. The author starts a new story. D. The author ignores the comments.)13.( ) The final step in the writing process is (a. rewriting the manuscripts b. writing a first draft c. doing research d. getting the manuscript published).14.( ) What do author do while they interview people? ( a. They take notes. B. They get a good idea for the story. C. They make sketches. D. They begin to write their story.)15 ( ) When you are making a dummy of a book (a. you cross out things you think would make the book seem stupid b. you draw sketches to help you get ideas c. you show how the words will look with the pictures d. you rewrite your manuscript to make it better.D. Phonics: Cross out the words which don’t have a silent letter. 15% write looked woven listened knock castle princess wrapped know story bang think design mistake whistle sign knee dog wrong see knitted lamb comb palaces knights rejection doorknob design