Tonight is Carnival


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Tonight is Carnival

  1. 1. 1 Tonight is Carnival- reading comprehensionSelection Summary: A young Peruvian boy describes three action-packed days of excitement andbustling activity as his family prepares for Carnival. In addition to the regular work that they mustdo, the family practices music, gathers potatoes to sell at the market, and drives to the big villagedown in the valley where Carnival takes place. Finally the music and dancing of Carnival begin. page Questions Answers Did you ever go to a community fair, festival, or carnival? If so, what was it like? What kind of special clothes, foods, and music were part of these celebrations?P286 Where do you think the story takes place and what makes you think so? What kinds of things are people doing in the illustration on the first two pages? What do you think the people in the story might do to prepare for Carnival?P288 Why do you think the narrator is PA: The narrator realizes that the quena excited about playing the quena- has an important role in the band. Also, a flute- at Carnival? the narrator will get to play with his father, which makes him happy. The narrator’s family and Paco’s PA: Yes, it’s a good idea to help each family help each other during other because teaming up helps to get a planting time. Do you think this job done. is a good idea? Why or why not?P290 Do you think Carnival is a good PA: Yes, the selection says “ we get way to create a sense of together with friends from our mountain community? Support your and from all around the valley. answer with evidence from the text. Carnival is getting closer. Why PA: He doesn’t seem tired because he’s doesn’t the narrator seem tired excited about Carnival. When I’m from working so hard in the looking forward to something, I don’t field? Explain how you know. think about being tired.P292 What has happened so far? The family had gotten wood, cared for llamas, plowed a field, and harvested
  2. 2. 2 page Questions Answers potatoes. The boy has practiced the quena. You have read about the PA: They have so much work to do everyday life of the narrator and every day; they have no time to visit his family. Why do you think with friends. they don’t see their friends very often?P294 If you were the narrator’s PA: Yes, I would give permission for parents, would you give him just this one occasion because it is permission to stay up all night special and also safe because the whole playing in the band at Carnival? community is gathered together to Why or why not? celebrate. The illustration on p295 shows a PA: All the work of the day has been night scene with the moon and done. Night is a time to enjoy yourself. stars. Why do you think Carnival begins at night? Name the musicians on p295, This is papa. He is playing the bombo. It their instruments, and the sound is booming. the instruments make.P296 The illustration on these pages They show each thing that is done in the show, one step at a time, how order in which it is done. arpilleras are made. How do the steps in the process help you understand how an arpillera is created? How is preparing for Carnival PA: In both situations people work similar to making arpilleras? together toward a common goal. They work hard and also have a good time.P298 Do you think it is worth the time PA: It’s worth it because it’s beautiful and effort to build an ice palace and people probably enjoyed working that will melt? Explain why you together to build it. think so. When was the first winter 1886 carnival held in Saint Paul, Minnesota? What shapes were used to make Rectangular and circular towers with the ice palace? peaks What animal visited the first A reindeer carnival?
  3. 3. 3 page Questions AnswersP300 Why do you think the author PA: It’s fun and entertaining and keeps included a legend with a photo me interested. essay? How does St. Paul’s Winter PA: The work of many people goes into Carnival reflect the spirit of making the carnival a success. community involvement? How are the celebrations in Peru Both celebrations are held outdoors once and in St. Paul alike, and how a year, are put on by the people of the are they different? community, and are enjoyed by everyone. Carnival id Peru takes place in the spring, and the St. Paul carnival takes place in the winter. In your opinion, which PA: Carnival is more important to the celebration-Carnival or St/ people because it is one of the few times Paul’s Winter Carnival- is more they can enjoy themselves and see important to the people living in friends. The St. Paul carnival is more the community? Explain your important because it brings in people answer. from all over the world.