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  1. 1. Betsabee RomeroContemporary Mexican Artist
  2. 2. Betsabee Biography• Betsabeé Romero is a Mexican artist whose uses cars and car parts, like tires to create sculptures. She studied art in Mexico City and Paris and has exhibited her work all over the world.
  3. 3. Here are some questions to ask yourself as you look at Betsabee Romero’s art work.• What do you see?• How does this work make you feel?• Where do you think the artist got her ideas?• What is this work of art about?• Does it remind you of anything you have seen or experienced before?• How does this work of art relate to you?• Why do you think is this art?
  4. 4. Here are some examples of Romero’s art work:
  5. 5. Here is another car. How isthis one different from the first one?
  6. 6. More cars! Betsbee believes that cars symbolizedreams of a better life. What do you think she means?
  7. 7. Betsabee has said she loves working with Volkswagon cars.
  8. 8. Betsabee Romero’s Influences• When you look at Romero’s sculptures, you can see how her culture influences her work. The Mayan and early Mexican people made beautiful art thousands of years ago. Can you see any similarities to Romero’s art?
  9. 9. Pre-Columbian Art
  10. 10. Mayan Calendar Designs
  11. 11. Betsabee is also influenced by traditional Mexicanfolkart. Like the art you see on The Day of the Dead.
  12. 12. Day of the Dead Sugar Skulls
  13. 13. Now, here are some more examples of Romero’s workThese pieces use car parts but not the entire car! How did she change the tire to make it into art?
  14. 14. More Car tire carvings
  15. 15. Okay! Now we are ready for our visit to The Neuberger Museum… let’s go over some basic Museum Etiquette: (Etiquette = Manners)• You can talk, but be courteous to those around you. If our docent is speaking, please listen and don’t interrupt her. She is trained to know all about the art you are seeing.• Do not touch! Not only do you risk damaging an artifact by knocking it over and breaking it, the invisible oils on your hands can also cause damage. Keep a respectful distance between yourself and the rope, the artwork on the wall, or the sculpture on the pedestal.• A museum is not a playground. You should not run and shout through the galleries, or walk underneath ropes. Most museums do not allow children to come in without an adult, so stick with your teachers!• Make Roxbury PROUD by showing Good Character and making the right choices at all times (even when no one is looking!)