Caroline Fish Digital Case Studies


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A few short case studies of some digital projects I created.

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Caroline Fish Digital Case Studies

  1. 1. Selected Digital Work
  2. 2. As part of the award-winning, multi-platform musical campaign for Cablevision, I created a TV spot, print and a contest microsite.
  3. 4. The microsite featured a video contest. Consumers could download the song, shoot their own video, and upload it to enter the contest.
  4. 5. The site allowed users to create dynamic e-cards to send to their friends, asking for votes.
  5. 6. For the global communications company built by Howard Hughes, we created worldwide campaigns across the entire media spectrum.
  6. 7. Integrated, 360 communications and branding for Hughes , the world leader in satellite networking. We built and maintain sites for Enterprise, Government, Small Business and Military audiences.
  7. 8. B2B communications featured interactive messaging targeted to specific verticals.
  8. 9. The Living Balance is an online financial management tool provided by Guardian Life. We created a web site with lead generation and tracking capabilities, as well as a robust social media presence.
  9. 12. Advertising on Facebook generated hundreds of new leads in just two weeks.
  10. 13. Ernst & Young recruitment campaigns included over 1,000 rich media banners a year, a Facebook presence and advertising, and a customizable e-card tool allowing recruiters to reach out to college students.
  11. 14. Rich media banners linked to interactive quizzes, videos and testimonials on Ernst & Young’s careers site.
  12. 15. Expandable banners offered more information to prospective recruits and linked to interactive content on the web site.
  13. 16. Flash movies introduced college students to the Ernst & Young culture.
  14. 17. We built a customizable e-card tool for E&Y recruiters, along with hundreds of dynamically generated e-cards that could be used for a variety of occasions throughout the recruitment cycle.
  15. 18. <ul><li> </li></ul><ul><li>917-407-7669 </li></ul>Caroline Fish Creative Director / Copy