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This Is My South Press Kit


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Updated press kit for This Is My South, current as of February 18, 2014.

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This Is My South Press Kit

  1. 1. This Is My South 2014 Media Kit
  2. 2. About the Website This Is My South was launched in April 2012 by Caroline Eubanks after four successful years of blogging. This website is a travel guide for all things South, featuring accommodation reviews, restaurant recommendations and activities for all ages and budgets. There is no other travel website as devoted to the region as This Is My South.
  3. 3. Popular Topics Visiting: This series focuses on tourist attractions, including museums, historic homes, zoos, parks and aquariums. Weekend Guide: In the vein of guidebooks, these posts are a short breakdown of restaurants, attractions and accommodation. Film Friday: Each week we feature a movie filmed in the region. Small Town Saturday: Each Saturday we showcase a photo from a small town in the South. Music Monday: Musical acts from bands and musicians from the region are described and featured. First Timer's Guide: This series gives tips on the South's best festivals and annual events. Southern Stays: All manners of accommodation are featured in this series, including hotels, hostels, rentals and campgrounds. Classic Eats: Classic diners and local restaurants are featured in this series. This Is My South: We interview notable Southerners, asking their favorite things about living here.
  4. 4. Audience 400+ followers 93% of readers are from the US 150+ fans 20 subscribers 400+ followers 200+ photos 2,000 12 followers page views per month
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  6. 6. Contact ThisIsMySouth #ThisIsMySouth @ThisIsMySouth ThisIsMySouth Caroline Eubanks Caroline Eubanks is a freelance writer and travel writer from Atlanta, Georgia. She spent four years living in Charleston, South Carolina but has traveled throughout the region, telling stories about her experiences. ThisIsMySouth