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Mandrake Corporate Brochure


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corp brochure

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Mandrake Corporate Brochure

  1. 1. Finding ExcEptional talEnt Building ExcEptional organizations
  2. 2. talEnt is thE nEw currEncy. wE’vE known this sincE 1970. MANDRAKE 1
  3. 3. taBlE oF contEnts 3 trustEd advisors 11 national and gloBal rEach 4 mEssagE From thE prEsidEnt 12 customEr ExpEriEncE 5 40 yEars oF ExcEllEncE 13 cliEnt tEstimonials 6 what wE do 14 candidatE tEstimonials 7 ExEcutivE sEarch 15 community initiativEs 8 carEEr transition 16 our partnErs 9 advisory sErvicEs 17 contact us 10 our practicE arEas MANDRAKE 2
  4. 4. trustEd advisors in talEnt managEmEnt Success in Mandrake channels its unique that are unparalleled by other business is service offering along a guiding principle - success in business human capital firms. Our partners deliver effective limited only is limited only by people. so we and innovated services, including by people. focus on people, their potential, their performance, and your various levels of executive search and career transition. investment in them. Our advisory services are tailored Our role is simple, yet broad to unlock the full potential of and adaptive. We endeavour to your organization and its people. improve your business in ways MANDRAKE 3
  5. 5. mEssagE From thE prEsidEnt Mandrake is celebrating its 40th anniversary! Thanks to our loyal customers, trusted colleagues and friends of the firm, we have been able to enjoy great success and growth over the past 40 years. We couldn’t have done it without you. On behalf of our partners and associates, I want to thank the hundreds of organizations and thousands of individuals who have worked with us throughout our tenure to make more than 7,000 professional hires. To quote our Founder and chairman, harold Perry: “If I could do it all again, I wouldn’t change a thing. Yes, we made some mistakes along the way, but for every mistake we made, we did a hundred things right. You can’t second guess yourself, especially when you’re dealing with the careers and livelihoods of people.” Mandrake channels its unique service offering along one guiding principle: success in business is limited only by people. so we focus on the potential and performance of your people, and your investment in them. It’s this commitment to talent that distinguishes Mandrake in the world of executive search. Our 40 years of talent management experience enables us to offer clients a unique perspective on the development of their organizational strategy, leadership and staffing solutions. It’s all about talent – your talent, the marketplace talent, and our talent. Your success is ours, so we conduct our searches as though we were hiring for our own organization. Our purpose is clear and simple: “Finding exceptional Talent. Building exceptional Organizations.” Our sincerest thanks for your many contributions to our firm, and we look forward to continuing our partnership for another 40 years. Best wishes, Bill holland, president MANDRAKE 4
  6. 6. 40 yEars oF ExcEllEncE 1970 • Harold Perry founds Mandrake at Yonge and Bloor in Toronto 1971 • Mandrake makes its first CEO hires for Max Factor, nestle, and Pillsbury 1973 1970’s • Mandrake locates to Yonge and eglinton in Toronto 1975 • Mandrake purchases landmark head office at 15 Bedford road, Toronto 1980’s 1980 1985 1989 • Mandrake completes • Mandrake establishes • Mandrake appoints its 1000th search Finance & accounting stéfan danis partner practice in charge of Marcom • Mandrake establishes practice its sales practice 1991 • Mandrake launches 1st annual skate for kids charity event • Mandrake 1996 • Mandrake establishes human resources practice • Mandrake 1998 1990’s • Mandrake opens Montreal office under normand lebeau 1999 • Mandrake appoints 4 new partners: donnelly, holland, lebeau, lintner, establishes its completes its 2500th technology practice search 2000’s 2000 2001 2002 2004 • Mandrake opens • Mandrake launches • Mandrake launches • Mandrake appoints 6 Calgary office management selection career transition firm new partners: atkins, firm wwwork!com neXcareer Bykerk, daigneault, • Mandrake moves Gates, Milic, smith head office to Yonge and st. clair in • Mandrake establishes Toronto Pr practice 2010’s 2005 2008 2009 2010 • Marketing hall of • Mandrake appoints • Mandrake completes • Mandrake CEO raises legends has inaugural robert Perry to partner its 7000th search $65,000 for NABS Gala and awards via Gobi & atacama event • Mandrake goes green marathons • Mandrake completes • Mandrake celebrates its 5000th search its 40th anniversary MANDRAKE 5
  7. 7. what wE do ExEcutivE sEarch carEEr transition advisory sErvicEs MANDRAKE 6
  8. 8. ExEcutivE sEarch Talent is our expertise, and we look forward to sharing it with you. We are PassIOnaTe about search because we see the value it brings to all stakeholders. Whether it’s for a high level or management role, every search should be considered a strategic search. To this end, we strive to ensure that both the client and the candidate are making the right move. after all, their success is our success. The best result is a win-win- win all around. To our colleagues, understanding the importance of fit is not just a cliché. Fit can make or break an opportunity, not just at the executive level, but at all levels throughout the company. Our advantage is that we have a vertical understanding of our client’s organization. With this perspective, we can conduct a more targeted search that takes into consideration not just the necessary skills, but also the element of fit. Search is not just about filling jobs. It’s about making your business stronger and more successful by complementing your brand and culture with the right talent. Talent is our expertise, and we look forward to sharing it with you. MANDRAKE 7
  9. 9. carEEr transition takE chargE oF your carEEr There’s nO GreaTer challenGe than changing compete in today’s marketplace you will have to jobs – especially when it’s not your choice. Many reinvent yourself. We will help you write a personal individuals, with years of management and marketing plan that acknowledges your unique business experience, have never had to look for a talents and skills, and focuses your personal and job before. The typical skills that you use in your professional interests. Together, we will develop day-to-day world don’t apply. You will have to a go-to-market job search strategy that identifies experience sitting on the other side of the desk, the appropriate network of industries and people and instead of asking the questions, you will be that give you access to the hidden job market. answering them. Instead of assessing someone Finally, we will help you create a business case else’s capabilities and fit, you will be making a that will encourage any leadership team to want to case for your own. Professional outplacement work with you. firms provide assessments to clarify career fit When you work with us you are not on your and leadership skills, help you develop a winning own. Our team of professionals includes resume, hone your interview skills and develop a career strategists, executive coaches, business networking plan. They may help put you on the consultants and researchers who will work with path to success, but frankly, it will take a lot more you every step of the way. don’t follow the same to land the job you want. path that all your peers are on. set yourself apart Our approach goes well beyond traditional from the competition and take charge of your outplacement. We recognize that to successfully career. MANDRAKE 8
  10. 10. advisory sErvicEs Mandrake consultants provide fully integrated talent management solutions. TalenT ManaGeMenT - how companies hire, develop, and evaluate their workforce is a complex and challenging endeavour for most any company. since the investment in talent is vital to a company’s success, decisions around issues such as recruiting, training, performance measurement and succession planning require a great deal of thought and expertise. Mandrake consultants work with organizations to develop optimal talent management strategies. This includes attracting and hiring top talent, leadership development and succession planning, right through to career transition. We take the time to understand your business and your company culture, as well as the best practices of your industry. From start ups to large multinational corporations, from family run businesses to public institutions, Mandrake consultants have the experience to provide fully integrated talent management solutions. MANDRAKE 9
  11. 11. our practicE arEas mandrake provides talent management solutions to a wide range of organizations including large private and publicly traded corporations, small-medium enterprises, government, public-sector and not-for-profit organizations. Functional Practices industry Practices • Board Services • Consumer Products & Services • Executive Office • Marketing Communications • General Management • Retail & Hospitality • Sales & Marketing • Business to Business • Advertising & Creative • Financial services • Public Relations • Life Sciences • Finance & Accounting • Digital • Human Resources • Clean Technology • Operations & Product Supply • Real Estate & Construction • Information Technology • Natural Resources • Legal • Government & Public Sector • Arts & Education • Not-For-Profit MANDRAKE 10
  12. 12. national and gloBal rEach national Mandrake has an in-depth understanding of talent across the country. In addition to our head office in Toronto, Mandrake is represented across canada in Montreal, halifax, Winnipeg, calgary and Vancouver. global Through our international affiliates, Mandrake offers clients access to global talent through our executive search network centered in more than 40 countries in major markets throughout the world. MANDRAKE 11 1
  13. 13. customEr ExpEriEncE the mandrake approach is client-focused, objective, thorough and confidential. In order to ensure timely success on search engagements, our consultants follow a sequence of logical steps throughout the search process. Mandrake’s search Process • We interview your key stakeholders in order to gain a thorough understanding of our mandate. • We agree to a go-to-market strategy to identify the most qualified candidates. • We personally research, recruit and interview all candidates to develop a qualified short list. • We conduct thorough background checks and references on every candidate presented. • We act as intermediaries throughout the offer negotiation through to acceptance. • We stay close to the hired candidate throughout the on-boarding process to ensure a successful transition. our Values Mandrake adheres to the highest ethical standards. every client and prospective candidate is treated fairly and with respect, dignity and discretion. MANDRAKE 12
  14. 14. cliEnt tEstimonials Publicis “Mandrake does far more than simply fill a vacancy with great talent, they take the time to really understand our company culture and seek out york uniVersity individuals capable of making us all better.” “at York, we have found Mandrake most helpful and successful in finding Andrew Bruce us just the right people - often from President, Publicis Toronto unexpected places - to build our organization.” Molson coors Dr. Lorna Marsden President and Vice-chancellor, York University “I have confidence in our ability working with your team to significantly upgrade the capabilities of this organization.” Greg Wade senior Vice President, Molson coors Brewing company ltd. MANDRAKE 13
  15. 15. candidatE tEstimonials Mandrake candidates haVe said “Mandrake continues to be “Mandrake connected me with the rIGhT the only organization that people time and time again, and the I trust in the matter of my connections became valuable regardless of career.” the outcome. This really makes me feel like Mandrake has my best interest at heart. This is extremely rare in this industry.” “Mandrake understands my career goals and finds opportunities for me that match my goals.” MANDRAKE 14
  16. 16. community initiativEs The Marketing hall of legends was co-founded by Mandrake and aMa in order to honor canadians who have dedicated their lives to the pursuit of excellence in the field of marketing. It is meant to honor a body of work and a lifetime of achievements. The Marketing hall of legends brings together marketers, media, agencies and academic communities from across the country to select those candidates whom they feel meet and exceed these criteria. launched in 1991, skate for kids is an all-day hockey event, founded and hosted by Mandrake and st. Michael’s college school. Over the years, Skate for Kids has benefited a number of local charities including Variety Village, children’s Own Museum, Museum of childhood, Tim horton’s children’s Foundation camps, hockey Fights cancer, The Gatehouse, Proaction, national advertising Benevolent Society and St. Michael’s College School Bursary Fund. To date, Skate for Kids has raised over $650,000 and we plan to make that figure grow. The national advertising Benevolent society (naBs) is a dynamic support system for all canadian professionals in the communications industry facing personal, career and family challenges due to illness, injury, unemployment or financial difficulties. as business slowed in 2008, Mandrake ceO stéfan danis witnessed the real-life impacts of the recession’s onset. To defy the negativity of the severe downturn, stéfan registered for a 250km footrace in the Gobi desert in china to raise money for naBs. stéfan’s running4nabs ( effort has raised $41,000 for nabs, a crucial contribution at a time when nabs is experiencing a 100% caseload increase. In March of 2010, stéfan decided to run again, this time in the chilean atacama desert; his team won the race and raised another $20,000 for naBs. There is talk of a third race taking place in 2011, and stéfan is rallying the ad industry for potential teammates to help raise even more funds for the charity. MANDRAKE 15
  17. 17. our partnErs harold pErry stéFan danis Bill holland chairman & Founder CEO & Chief Talent Officer president & coo normand lEBEau daphnE BykErk louisE daignEault president, mandrake montreal vice-president & partner vice-president & partner tErry donnElly michaEl gatEs paul lintnEr vice-president & partner vice-president & partner vice-president & partner stEphEn milic roBErt pErry david smith vice-president & partner vice-president & partner vice-president & partner MANDRAKE 16
  18. 18. contact us we would like to count you among our valued clients and encourage you to contact us at any of our offices below. we also welcome any comments and will do our best to answer any questions as soon as possible. toronto oFFice Montréal oFFice 55 st. clair avenue West, suite 401 1010 rue sherbrooke Ouest, suite 2212 Toronto, On M4V 2Y7 Montréal, QC H3A 2R7 Telephone: 416.922.5400 Téléphone: 514.878.4224 Fax: 416.922.1356 Télécopieur: 514.878.4222 General Inquiries normand lebeau MANDRAKE 17