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Reported speech


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Published in: Education, Technology
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Reported speech

  1. 1. 1.What’s the difference?1. Margot says: “I like the story of Romeo & Juliet.”2. She says she likes the story of Romeo & Juliet.3. She said she liked the story.1: direct speech2 and 3: indirect or reported speech= we report the meaning of what was saidrather than the exact words. No quotation marks.
  2. 2. REPORTED SPEECH 2.What’s the difference?Romeo said: “I like it here so much.”Romeo said he liked it there so much.Christian told me: “She looks gorgeous today.”He told me she looked gorgeous that day.If you report something that someone saidin a different place or time to where you heard it,you must change the place or time.= PERSON, PLACE AND TIME MUST CHANGE
  3. 3. REPORTED SPEECH 3.What’s the difference?Christian told me: “She looks gorgeous.”He told me she looked gorgeous.When the reporting verb is in the past tense (told),the tense of the verb in the statementhas to be in the past too (looked).= TENSE CHANGE
  4. 4. REPORTED SPEECH 4.What’s the difference?“I will spend my time with him”, Tine said.Tine said she would spend her time with him.= MODAL VERBS change in reported speech:will, can, must have, shall, may becomewould, could, had to have, should, might
  5. 5. REPORTED SPEECH 5.What’s the difference?Caroline says: “Close the door.”Caroline ordered me to close the door.Imperatives change into „to + infinitive‟
  6. 6. REPORTED SPEECH 6.What’s the difference?Jane asked: “When does the train leave?”Jane asked when the train left.“Are you writing a letter?”, I asked him.I asked if/whether he was writing a letter.If you report a question, be careful:Wh-questions -> wh-question (word order!)yes/no-questions -> if/whether