Sbq Words Describing Tone


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Sbq Words Describing Tone

  1. 1. Nan Hua High School Social Studies Source based Questions Skills Vocabulary describing tone: critical pedantic impartial arrogant ironic serious whimsical happy biting detached apologetic mournful angry moralistic objective pretentious tongue-in-cheek ominous fanciful ecstatic cynical apathetic challenging poignant threatening inspirational clinical condescending sarcastic apprehensive wistful effusive skeptical indifferent contentious somber irate respectful factual patronizing sardonic foreboding flippant contented wry straightforward inflammatory outraged reverent humorous mocking nostalgic disappointed candid shocking indignant sympathetic bantering irreverent sentimental sad didactic dramatic ambiguous compassionate silly disdainful reflective elegiac learned passionate confused interested mock-heroic contemptuous regretful melancholic scholarly restrained perplexed urgent amused caustic remorseful depressing