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Religion Sbq Skills Inference2


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Religion Sbq Skills Inference2

  1. 1. Nan Hua High School<br />Secondary One<br />History - Religion and Philosophy<br />Answer the following questions based on the sources provided. All answers must be clearly explained and supported with evidences from the sources.<br />Skills: Inference<br />Q1.Study Source A. What does this source tell you about Indians during the Gupta dynasty? <br />Source A: A photograph shows the Iron Pillar, a 24-foot shaft of wrought iron built during the Gupta period. The pillar stands in Delhi today and has not rusted.<br />Q2.Study Source B. What does this source tell you about Chinese during the Qin dynasty? <br />Source B: An account on the weapons made by Qin people.<br />The weapons found with the clay warriors were well-made. Archaeologists found that the weapons had not rusted and had even remained shiny and very sharp. Analysis has shown that Qin metal-workers used chrome, an anti-rust metal, on the surface of the weapons. This method of coating was discovered by the Europeans only in the 1930s! <br />