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Intervention de Red1 à l'après-midi ADempiere


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Altic a organisé une journée avec Red1 leader de la communauté internationale d'ADempiere, l'ERP Open Source communautaire. Notre objectif : lancer une dynamique autour de ce très bon ERP pour relancer sa diffusion en France et pays francophones.

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Intervention de Red1 à l'après-midi ADempiere

  1. 1. The ADempiere Project Presentation by red1 PARIS - February 9th, 2010
  2. 2. The 3Cs CONTENT (ADempiere is an ERP product) COMMUNITY (ADempiere is a project fork) COMMERCE (meeting users’ needs in real world) My 3 line mantra
  3. 3. Content - ERP Is Complex Integrated stack of lots of functionals Orders > Invoices > Shipments > Payments > Accounts Build of Materials > Schedule > Forecast Document Type, Event Default Accounting 3rd party Integration > Legacy Migration > Intelligence
  4. 4. Pretty Fast Application Framework Application Framework Container Standard CRUD functions and Top-Bar Tasks Secured Login > Menu APPLICATION DATA MODEL Role Access Preference Rich Multi UIs Process Selection Reference to Tables Field Callout Dynamic Validation World Language Set Run-Time Logger Workflow Doc Manager Versioning 3rd Party Ports Reporting Formats Alerts Self Service Financials
  5. 5. Modeling Model Menu Window Tab Field Table Column JSR223 Script Callout COLUMN PROCESS Button MWindow Java Code MTab.getValue(‘columnName’) ... Java Code ... MTab.setValue(‘columnName’) DOCUMENT PROCESS WORKFLOW MANAGEMENT RECORDS ACCOUNTS CHANGE POSTING
  6. 6. Integration Model VERTICAL APP DATA MODEL PROCESS VERTICAL APP REPORTING VERTICAL APP SYSTEMS MIGRATION Vertical Integration Tools Import Loaders 2Pack Packaging OSGI modules Migration Scripts HORIZONTAL APPLICATION
  7. 7. Technically Speaking Java 6, SQLs, Persistence Java Client and App Service (JBoss & Glassfish) Enterprise Performance through ZK Ajax UI Database - Oracle, Postgres, DB2 EC, MySQL Community Resource, Virtual Server, Installer Migration Tools , Web Services, OSGI Plugin
  8. 8. Community Free as In Freedom or Free Lunch? Bazaar Model, Community vs Commercial FLOSS Fork of Compiere, September 2006 ‘These 15 nerds will last only 6 months’ - Jorg Janke ADempiere, Inc, USA, ADempiere Deutschland e.V Communaute ADempiere?
  9. 9. Commerce People Are Not Free - You have to Pay Users need assurance and confidence and willing to pay High level needs in SAP A1 market is vacuum Legacy and Data Islands Need for standard reference, practice and certification Vision of Social Business (Dr Yunus, Grameem Bank)
  10. 10. Future If you do not contribute, someone else will You are free to be developer, user, accountant, salesman, trainer, believer Freedom is granted, exaberated by the Web SAP will lower to the FLOSS environment ADempiere goes for long term top branding Novelty that freedom movement of ADempiere threatens proprietary giants such as SAP and Microsoft