Comparison between 2 hotel websites


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Comparison between 2 hotel websites

  1. 1. Comparison between 2 hotel websites Hotel Hilton Molino Stucky, Venise Hotel Cà Sagredo, Venise Caroline Boda
  2. 2. Hotel Molino Stucky
  3. 3. Hotel Ca' Sagredo
  4. 4. Analys is : Easy to find Both Appear on the top of the page for their exact name
  5. 5. Analysis Search for “ Luxury Hotel in Venice” : Hotel Molino Stucky Appears in 6 th position in google results, 4 th in google location Hotel Ca’Sagredo Appears in the 8 th position in google results, 5 nd google location.
  6. 6. Analysis : Easy to use Hotel Molino Stucky Direct entrance to the website Choice between 2 languages : italian and english Different items in the top of the page, easy navigation Possibility to make a reservation but in the botom of the page
  7. 7. Booking : Acces to Hilton group reservation site Many offers appearing Quick booking access for members
  8. 8. Analysis : Easy to use <ul><li>Hotel Ca' Sagredo </li></ul>Booking option in the top of the first page Essential links are in the top, easy navigation Many pictures, bright colors, the page is attractive Small Luxury Hotels logo : sign of quality
  9. 9. Easy booking A new window opens : you still have still access to the main page All rates appears for the different types of rooms with pictures Possibility to book several rooms at the same time
  10. 10. Both are easy to share with Facebook or Twitter <ul>But Ca' Sagredo has more possibilities : youtube and SLH main website in addition to Facebook and Twitter </ul>
  11. 11. Qualitative Analysis Ca' Sagredo Market positioning : The website seems luxury, delicate, and has the venezian style Distinctive The small luxury hotels sign is discrete. The website show more the hotel more than the group belonging, but it remains a sign of quality Express level The design is delicate and fits the history of the hotel which is a former palace of the Great Canal Molino Stucky Market positioning Home page more formal, one color with changing pictures. Less attractive. But Hilton sign at the top, is a sign of quality, but first group before hotel. Distinctive The design of the website is the same as the Hilton group's one. Show its belonging to the group. Express leve l The website is very neutral, the website seems quite austere and does not give any idea of te quality of the hotel.
  12. 12. Conclusion : What to improve ? - Molino Stucky does not have a very attractive website. Very formal, and yet one of the most famous hotels of venise. Seems business, not very luxury and fine hotel. To many choices of rates, guest is lost, not clearly explicated. - Ca ’Sagred o : easy booking and navigation since the top of the page ; you can either book immediately or travel in the website, looking at the offers, pictures …But for the booking lots of pages opens, maybe too many. But enables to keep open the main page.