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C.Benoudiz Podcast


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C.Benoudiz Podcast

  2. 2. POD + BROADCAST  POD: P: Portable (you can listen to it or transfer it to a portable A/V device) + O.D: on demand (available at any time and any place)  CAST: Sent over the Internet in specific computer programs and websites.
  3. 3.  Digital media files (Audio/Video) Available by download or web syndication (form of syndication in which the website content is available to other sites).  It’s like a FASTER radio or TV program to which person can subscribe and receive episodes automatically for FREE.  A podcast generally refers to a whole series or playlist, not to a single particular podcast.
  4. 4.  Homemade videos  Politics  Religion  Radio shows  Art  Health  Short films  Music  Food  Advertisements  Entertainment  Business  Cartoons  Books  Government  Commercial and non-  Science  Society commercial  TV & Movies  Education  News  Technology  Games  Sports  Travel  Comedy
  5. 5.  Generally you must be a member of the website you’re browsing, and then simply click download and save on your computer.  You can automatically add to your media player (i.e. ITunes) by clicking that option on the advanced options menu.  Once you have downloaded and saved the podcast, you will be able to see it in your computer and even sync it to your IPod or phone.
  6. 6.  Create audio recording, video, or even a text document. Supported file formats include .m4a, .mp3, .mov, .mp4, .m4v, and .pdf.  Post your episode file(s) on a server with a publicly accessible URL.  Create an RSS feed (an XML file) that: * conforms to the RSS 2.0 specification * includes the recommended iTunes RSS tags, * contains pointers to your episode.  Posting the RSS file on a server.  Submit the URL for your RSS feed to iTunes. 
  7. 7.  A computer  Connection to the Internet  A microphone and webcam or digital camera  An audio editing software
  8. 8.  Share news or insights, give online tours of your store, comment on relevant or irrelevant issues, give reports, communicate whatever you want to say to the world.  Create your own playlist, subscribe to your favorite podcasts, rate, tag and share your podcasts, add them to your media player or phone, join a community, create a widget (mini website that you can add to your own website or blog).
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