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Birmingham Children & Young People’s Plan


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Birmingham Children & Young People’s Plan

  1. 1. Birmingham Children & Young People’s Plan 2012-15 Friday, 21 September 2012
  2. 2. Our VisionOur vision for Children’s Services in Birminghamis that:“Every child in every part of the City shouldachieve their potential. We will provide earlyhelp and support to those children and familieswho need it and, working together, will ensurethat every child has the belief, aspiration andsupport to be their best.”
  3. 3. • Children, Young People & Families – Priorities• Prevention• Integration• Aspiration• Safeguarding• Participation• Excellence
  4. 4. • Integration• Children with complex needs (0-5) – focussing, for example, on a better understanding of need and of priorities and thresholds for service.• Integration• Integrated teams/co-location of social care and primary care – focussing on, for example, exploring role of current IFSTs and considering co-location in general practice/primary care.• Integration• Common Assessment Framework – for example, understanding why it doesn’t always seem to work as well as it ought to in practice, and linking it with work in adult services around common assessment and information sharing.
  5. 5. • Prevention• Parenting support – focussing, for example, on mapping a pathway of support, and linking that to a menu/directory of support.• Excellence through Partnership• Transitions – focussing on the difficulties experienced by young people moving into adult services, particularly in relation to mental health and learning difficulties. Exploring the establishment of transitional support to smooth out the pathway with early assessment, reduced duplication and speedier assessment
  6. 6. • Children’s Strategic Partnership for Birmingham• Terms of reference reviewed – strategic and able to drive urgent change.• Aligned with developing Health and Wellbeing Board.• Refreshed children and young people’s plan.• Engagement in the consultation on the Health and Wellbeing Strategy.