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Portuguese teenagers

  1. Escola Profissional do Vale do Tejo Comunicação - Marketing, Relações Públicas e Publicidade English Young People and Globalisation Portuguese Teens 11th Teacher Maria João Bispo Work done by: André Cantarrilha, Carolina Pardal and Tiago Felício
  2.  Teenagers like to do sports;  They spend a lot of time in front of the computer and in front of the PlayStation;  They like to go clubbing;  They like to go to the cinema;  They spend lots of time listening to music.
  3. Music festivals; Spend a lot of time with friends; Beach; Fashion.
  4. The situation of the country; Being told what to do; Like to branch out independently and create their own lives!
  5.  Cristiano Ronaldo (football player)  José Mourinho (football coach)
  6.  The vast majority of teenagers like bullfighting.  In general, teens don’t like the tradition of Fado, because it is a style for older people.
  7. Normally, the Algarve is one of the preferred places for teens to spend their holidays.
  8. The beach Baleal is chosen by teenagers for surfing and other aquatic modalities.
  9. Usually the favorite food of teens is fast food…
  10. …but we have the traditional dishes like: Bacalhau à Lagareiro Arroz de Marisco
  11. We are the future!

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