Analysis of questionnaire screened from excel and put into pp


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Analysis of questionnaire screened from excel and put into pp

  1. 1. Questionnaire results
  2. 2. What type of music do you listen to?The graph of music show the different types of popular music thepublic enjoy the most. The Brazilian/Salsa/Bossa nova was the mostpopular. This was because within the genre there was such a diversemixture of Brazilian music. With the high percentage 41%, it becamemy final decision to do my magazine on Bossa Nova/Samba music withthe name ‘ IB’- International Brazil. what type of music do you listen to? Hip pop and R&B/ Grime Reggae & bashment Jazz/Blues 10% 10% 4% Rock/Punk 7% Classical 28% Bossa Nova/Samb a 41%
  3. 3. How much would you pay for a world wide Magazine?• The maximum public are willing to pay for the magazine is around 2-3 pounds. The reason is for the this is because the magazine isnt hugely packed with information but still contains enough images and information. The closest percentage besides 2-3 pounds was the £0-1. This shows that the public arent willing to spend too much money on music magazines. how much would you pay for an worldwide magazine? £0-1 £1-2 £2-3 £3-4 £4 or more 10% 13% 30% 34% 13%
  4. 4. How often do you listen to music?• The highest percentage of music listeners, listen to music everyday. On the internet, iPods and any other way of accessing music. This source of information helped me as the public could pick up the magazine in all stores and are able to find information about new videos and artist of my specific genre. How often do you listen to music? 2 hours a day Everyday Once a week Once a month More than 4 hours a day Other...Please write across 10% 7% 13% 3% 10% 57%
  5. 5. What type of music magazine do you prefer out of?As these choices were themost popular, I carried out a What type of music magazine do you prefer out of..?survey using the most listened Bossa Nova/ Samba Jazz/Blues Hip pop and R&B Reggaeto music. Reggae and Bossanova were the most in styletherefore I did my music 30% 40%magazine based around BossaNova. 20% 10%
  6. 6. How often do you buy music magazines?• This was a easy choice of question but it helped me to How often do buy music magazines? decided on the price of my Once a week More than once a week Everyday day Once a year Once a month magazine. Most music magazine were priced roughly around £2-3 as there packed with information 20% 40% and pictures. My music magazine 7% was £3 but later when I received 23% my feedback I changed the price 10% £2. Therefore my target audience became more open to different people who enjoy all types of music.
  7. 7. Do you prefer more pictures or writing in a magazine?• This information allowed me to know weather to included more body text or images. Do you prefer more pictures or writing in a This is important magazine? information as it Pictures Writing demonstrates who my target audience is and what the more interested in. The 35% Majority of my target audience preferred images 65% over the writing therefore this allows me form a magazine which attract a high number of audience.
  8. 8. How big of readership would you expect the magazine to receive?• Does the public want information and more If given an address, would you consider sending things news other than what is in, like letters, or possibly even your own music? provided in the Yes No magazine? E.g. Having emails which included updates, etc. 30%• It became clear from my survey that the majority 70% of people ( 70%) don’t want to receive poor junk mail. Therefore this allows me to include more information inside the magazine.
  9. 9. What is your favourite font?• This helped me to know what attracts what is your favorite font? the audience more Arial Bold Weddings Calibri Century Gothic and weather they 3% prefer a font which is 17% simple or more extravagant. Arial 10% Bold was a popular 70% font as its known, clear, simple and this will allow me to develop the font to make it more effective