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Current Triangle Talent                     Situation                      @WorkTriangleNC                                ...
What to do about it?   @WorkTriangleNC                       #WorkInTheTriangle
Target Audience                                  Proposition•   Triangle Smarty Pants Ambassadors:       The Research Tria...
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BIO Career Fair 2012 - Boston       June 18, 2012        @WorkTriangleNC                            #WorkInTheTriangle
All Things Tech Job Fair September 11, 2012        @WorkTriangleNC                           #WorkInTheTriangle
Come Tech out the Triangle Job Fair         April 24, 2013       @WorkTriangleNC          Durham, NC          #WorkInTheTr...
SXSW – Austin, TX                    @WorkTriangleNCMarch 10-14, 2013   #WorkInTheTriangle
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Work in the Triangle
Work in the Triangle
Work in the Triangle
Work in the Triangle
Work in the Triangle
Work in the Triangle
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Work in the Triangle


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At the April 2013 meeting of the Economic Development & Public Policy committee, Brittany Cheatham with the Greater Raleigh Chamber of Commerce made a presentation about Work in the Triangle, a regional talent attraction campaign.

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  • The Triangle is Smarter – all aspects of your life are smarter. We are Smarter From Any Angle. Smart is something we can deliver on and people want to make a smart decision and be in a smart place.
  • We are doing very well, so why do we need a talent attraction initiative: Convergence of industry and technology is creating a need for workers with industry specific skills sets – knowledge of the technology and its application in a specific industry cluster – Smart Grid, Healthcare Infomatics, Gaming – Simulation for defense technologies and medical devicesAs our companies grow in our industry clusters, so will their needs for talent. In those specialized skills areas, our companies are competing for the same talent locally. The Triangle must continue to cultivate and replenish talent to meet the growth needs of our companies. Talent recruitment has become an economic development strategy and the competition for talent is just ramping up. Other communities are launching talent campaigns. There are boomerang campaigns to get people who have left their communities to move back – Columbus and Louisville. There are places that are offering incentives to talent – such as money to pay off their student loans (Niagra Falls, New Jersey) The difference between our community and those communities, is that we have people who want to move here and we are fortunate to be in a place that is place where people want to move to. We a strong industry base, good job growth, great universities and a pipeline of talent and a highly educated population, we have a competitive advantage over many other communities. Having a educated workforce is not an easy thing to replicate As our market diversifies, and we see emerging industries, we will need new talent and new skills.For example, in the Triangle, there is a lot of growth of very new industries that are driven by the convergence of several industries and technology, where workers not only need to understand IT, but also have in-depth knowledge in another field, such as healthcare, in the case of healthcare informatics, or utilities, in the case of smart grid.Across the country, the training and experience is just beginning to catch up with these new types of jobs, and there aren’t enough workers trained with these industry-specific skills anywhere.We have a lot of companies and capabilities in these areas, but are not as well known by individuals in these areas, so we want to be at the forefront of continuing to attract talent trained in these cutting-edge fields.From an economic development recruitment position, we are seeing workforce as a priority in the decision for corporate relocation/expansion. Companies want to invest in communities that have a strong pipeline of talent, Examples: Healthcare Informatics: Healthcare Informatics Technicians requires a strong understanding of both healthcare and IT – Celia Harper Guerra of Allscripts could talk about thisCloud Computing and Virtualization - High-end technical skills around virtualization and the data cloud – Ed Paradise, Cisco SystemsSerious Gaming: requires a strong understanding of video game technology, simulation technology for medical device technologies and training in military/defense Defense Technology: In-depth military knowledge with technology skills for cutting-edge defense work, homeland security and serious gaming. Smart Grid: requires software engineers with a concentration in utilities, possible company to put forward, Siemens or ABB – could mention that NCSU just developed an escalated graduate degree program specializing in this area. Open Source: Help-desk engineers who can support open-source operations with Linux skillsSoftware Development – Java, Medical Devices: convergence between technology and biosciences. Requires engineers with specialty in medical device products, regulatory affairs specialists who understand the FDA process, compliance and regulatory environment. Need workers that want to work with a start-up. Tim Willis or Nicole Wicker with Tear Science would be a good company to put forwardWe’ve shifted from a company centric economy to a people-driven one. People are turning to community rather than to corporations to define themselves. Richard Florida
  • Among economists and business leaders there is widespread consensus that the U.S. will experience dramatic workforce shortages or significant talent mismatches in the coming years, where workers’ skills don’t fit the jobs that are available. More than 75% of the US jobs will require specialized skills setsDemand of science and engineering jobs, in particular is growing by 5% a year, and the US has roughly 2 million jobs that are unfilled because of the lack of job skillsNeed for talented professionals is growing exponentially – a challenge that all locations are facing and will continue to face.Because of globalization, more and more people are choosing to live and work across the globe. Demand for highly skilled talent is a global problem and companies and communities are competing for the best talent anywhere. Companies are no longer in the driver seat, talent is. They can live where they want to live and companies will follow them. Companies are putting more weight on their ability to find and attract highly skilled workers when making a decision of where to open or relocate their business.Therefore communities and places need to better position themselves as attract places to work, live, play and learn.
  • Current Triangle talent situation The Research Triangle is the fastest growing, best educated communites in the Country. We have a strong pipeline of talent: 12 Universities, 3 tier 1 research universities with annual enrollment of 100,000 students and conferring 20,000 degrees annually Wake Tech Community College – just named the largest community college in North Carolina, with annual enrollement of 65,000 and 157 curriculum programs, many of which are designed specifically to provide the specialized skills that our industry needsWake County Public School system was ranked the #1 Top Public Schools System in the US in 2010 by greatschools.com We Retain talent – Over 207,000 grads from NC universities live in the Research Triangle Region Of those 207,000 grads, Duke, UNC Chapel Hill and NC State Univ makes up 140,500 of those total grads. We are a smart community – Highly educated population – well above the national average – 45.9% of the population ages 25+ have a bacehlors degree or higherWe have seen significant growth in the Region: Over the last decade, the Raleigh-Cary Metro tied Las Vegas as the Fastest Growing Metro in the United States, with an astounding 41.8% growth (jan 00 – 10)Led the Nation in job growth with 19.6% job growth (jan. 02- 12)Is Leading the nation out of the recession with second highest job growth over the last 2 years - 4.5% (jan 10 – 12) We continue to grow: Ranked #3 for in-migrationOn average 68 new people move to Wake County a daySo why are they coming? Diverse industry base – life sciences, technology, cleantech, creative industriesJobs and opportunityBased upon on our jobs portal there are currently 14,000 job openings posted in the Research Triangle RegionCompanies have continued to expand and create jobs in the TriangleIn recent months the following companies have announced they are creating new jobsHCLRed HatSASLenovoCitrixBandwidthNetAppLexis NexisTotaling 2,700 just for these companies#1 Fastest Growing City for Technology Jobs (Raleigh, NC) Dice, March 2012#1 Metro for IT Labor Force (Raleigh-Durham, NC) KLG Advisors, May 2011#5 Top 10 Best Cities for Educated Workers (Raleigh-Cary, NC) 247WallSt.com, September 2011#3 Region for Highest Job Growth Over Past Two Decades (Research Triangle Region) Forbes.com, June 2011#3 Fastest Growing American City (Raleigh-Cary, NC) HuffingtonPost.com, August 2012 Our unemployment rate is lower than the national a state average hovering at 7.8%. The US stands at 8.6% and North Carolina is at 9.8%. More people employed now that before the recessions. Wake County residents employed before the recession was 430,928 (June 2007) # of Wake County residents currently employed 444,121 (June 2012). Wake County has increased in population during that same time from 832,970 to 925,938 since 2007, representing 92,000 new residents to Wake County. On average, there are about 68 people moving into Wake County everyday. Whereas many other places across the country are seeing people leave their communities, because of the lack of job opportunities, people are moving to the Triangle for opportunities.
  • An example of an external event: We participated in BIO International with the State of NC. We also had a separate booth space at the BIO Career Fair and spoke with 400 individuals in the biotechnology industry that are looking for jobs. These highly skilled individuals were very smart people with degrees in a variety of life science disciplines from schools like Harvard, Boston College, Yale, Stanford, Johns Hopkins. We hosted a virtual career fair in conjunction with the physical career fair and were tweeting local Triangle companies jobs and facts about the industry. Syngenta, INC Research, Novartis, FujoFilmDiosynth, Liquidia, the NC Biotechnology Center, Ibiliti and NCSU were some of the companies and organizations that were engaged with the effort. We had a instagram contest and took pictures of the attendees with our hipster glasses and then posted the photos to facebook where they could go and tag their photos and share them with their friends. We had an external marketing collateral to explain the advantages of the Triangle and what makes the area Smart Will be attending this years fair in Chicago April 22-25.
  • An example of how we are partnering with our local industry organizations: On September 11, 2012 – we are partnering with CED and NCTA to host the first ever job fair for the technology industry in the Triangle. 27 companies, 500 job seekers, 200 tweets scheduled to go out today. The career fair took place today from 8:00 – 10:30 at the Raleigh Convention Center.
  • Overall gain of 54 followers, 96 retweets and 143 mentions retweet reach 132, 990606 site visits with Over half traffic new visitorsTop states for traffic NC, NY and TX77 videos uploaded with 411 viewsFacebook ads- reached 306,929 people and 38 RSVP’d to our eventOver 400 in person interactions
  • Mention Dec site bump
  • An example of our digital ambassador outreach: We launched a contest in partnership with Offline Media, a start-up company launched by a couple of NC State grads. We are running weekly contest to get people to tell us what is their favorite activity to do in the Triangle. Individuals can win $50 and a Smarty Pants T-shirt. The goal is to get people talking about the area and engaging with the initiative via facebook, twitter and our web site.
  • Prepare custom relocation packets for businessesAnswer many out of state inquiriesIBM, Fidelity, MetLife etc
  • Here are some ways you can get involved and become a Smarty Pants Ambassador
  • A special offer to you: If you go to our web site and Create a Profile (15 minutes to tell us about yourself and what you love about the Triangle and send us a photo)And Like us on facebook or follow us on twitterWe will give you a Smarty Pants T-shirt
  • Work in the Triangle

    1. 1. @WorkTriangleNC#WorkInTheTriangle
    2. 2. Our Partners @WorkTriangleNC #WorkInTheTriangle
    3. 3. Why Launch a Talent Attraction Initiative?@WorkTriangleNC #WorkInTheTriangle• Talent is in demand globally and the communities who attract talent are the communities that will win• Companies want to invest in communities that have a strong existing and future pipeline of talent• Convergence of industry and technology is creating a need of workers with industry-specific skills• The Research Triangle has a competitive advantage, but more communities are ramping up their talent attraction strategies
    4. 4. Current Global Talent Situation @WorkTriangleNC #WorkInTheTriangle• In 1991, less than half of U.S. jobs required skilled workers, but by 2015, more than 75% will require specialized skills. (2011, Walshok, Munroe and DeVries, “Closing America’s Job Gap”)• Nearly half (49%) of U.S. employers are experiencing difficulty filling mission-critical positions within their organizations. (May 2012, ManpowerGroup Annual Survey)• The current global talent shortage worries multinationals more than revolution or recession. (June 2012, MAXIS Global Benefits Network Survey)
    5. 5. Current Triangle Talent Situation @WorkTriangleNC #WorkInTheTriangle• Research Triangle Region/Wake County is one of fastest growing, best educated communities in the country.• More than 207,000 graduates from NC Universities call the Triangle home.• 45.9% of the population in the Research Triangle Region ages 25+ have a bachelors degree of higher. Average in NC is 35.2% and in U.S. is 35.8%• Wake County is projected to grow over the next 20 years (2030) by 42 percent or 384,318 people. The Region is expected to grow by 34 percent or 707,219 people.
    6. 6. What to do about it? @WorkTriangleNC #WorkInTheTriangle
    7. 7. Target Audience Proposition• Triangle Smarty Pants Ambassadors: The Research Triangle Region is a name Local residents and business synonymous with new-economy professionals industries, top global companies and an abundance of jobs. With a unique combination of “quality of place” assets -• Triangle Companies: Life Sciences, a temperate climate, affordable housing Technology and CleanTech and safe neighborhoods - people want to call this place home. The region’s• Partners: Industry partners to three world-class research institutions offer workers access to cutting-edge promote the initiative and collaborate ideas and unparalleled opportunities to on opportunities and execute hone their skills. In short, the Triangle is campaigns around our targeted a place where talented professionals can industry clusters live well, work hard, learn more and play often.• Highly Skilled Talent: not currently living in the Triangle that have the specialized skills that meet the needs of our existing and future growth needs
    8. 8. Strategy and Implementation @WorkTriangleNC #WorkInTheTriangle• Develop a consumer campaign and brand that will persuade talent to move their intellectual capital to the “Triangle”• Launch a talent web portal to connect talent to the Triangle www.workinthetriangle.com• Leverage social media: Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, Flickr, Instagram• Launch a local ambassador program “Triangle Smarty Pants”• Execute local and national campaigns in targeted markets within targeted industry clusters to recruit highly skilled talent to the Triangle• Engage local Triangle businesses within our targeted industry clusters to better understand their needs and skills gaps and encourage them to leverage the Work In The Triangle as an additional tool to recruit talent• Leverage partnerships with local Triangle businesses and industry trade groups to promote job opportunities, industry facts and strengths and to execute campaigns in our targeted industry clusters
    9. 9. BIO Career Fair 2012 - Boston June 18, 2012 @WorkTriangleNC #WorkInTheTriangle
    10. 10. All Things Tech Job Fair September 11, 2012 @WorkTriangleNC #WorkInTheTriangle
    11. 11. Come Tech out the Triangle Job Fair April 24, 2013 @WorkTriangleNC Durham, NC #WorkInTheTriangle
    12. 12. SXSW – Austin, TX @WorkTriangleNCMarch 10-14, 2013 #WorkInTheTriangle
    13. 13. Work In The Triangle Metrics @WorkTriangleNC #WorkInTheTriangle• 19,676 page views of www.workinthetriangle.com• 53 “What’s Your Angle” Profiles• 550 newsletter subscribers (in-state and out-of-state)• 1,515 Followers on Twitter, 4,867 tweets• 280 Likes on Facebook
    14. 14. What’s Next?
    15. 15. Engaging Businesses @WorkTriangleNC #WorkInTheTriangle• Link to our web site, www.WorkintheTriangle.com• Send us your job openings or tweet them @WorkTriangleNC #workinthetriangle• Encourage your employees to become Smarty Pants Ambassadors• Mention our campaign in your company newsletter• Share success stories or big news with us• Tell us about what positions you are having the most difficulty filling• Partner with us at industry tradeshows• Introduce new employees to us – we want to hear from them• Promote the Triangle in your messaging & via social media
    16. 16. Get Involved @WorkTriangleNC #WorkInTheTriangle• Check out the web portal www.WorkintheTriangle.com• Sign-up to become a Smarty Pants Ambassador! • Stay in touch and receive news you can use to promote the Triangle to your friends, family, and potential recruits • What’s Your Angle? – Create a Profile and tell us why you love working and living in the Triangle • Join us on social media – Like us on Facebook, Follow-us on Twitter and LinkedIn • Submit a blog about why you love the Triangle and we will share it.• Enter our #LiveOffline weekly Contest
    17. 17. @WorkTriangleNC WorkintheTriangle WorkintheTrianglewww.WorkintheTriangle.com