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Eggs with Elected Officials


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Published in: News & Politics, Education
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Eggs with Elected Officials

  1. 1. Welcome toEggs with Elected Officials If you’re tweeting this event, use #EWE13 as a hashtag
  2. 2. Margot Lester The Word FactoryChamber Board of Directors
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  5. 5. U.S. Rep. David Price U.S. House of Representatives @RepDavidEPrice
  6. 6. Sen. Ellie Kinnaird North Carolina Senate @EllieKinnaird
  7. 7. Rep. Verla InskoNorth Carolina House of Representatives @verlainsko
  8. 8. Rep. Valerie Foushee North Carolina House of Representatives @ValFoushee
  9. 9. Mayor Mark Kleinschmidt Town of Chapel Hill @mayormarkk
  10. 10. Mayor Mark Chilton Town of Carrboro @MarkChilton
  11. 11. Chair Barry JacobsOrange County Board of Commissioners
  12. 12. Commissioner Earl McKee Orange County Board of Commissioners
  13. 13. Commissioner Bernadette Pelissier Orange County Board of Commissioners @BernadettePelis
  14. 14. Commissioner Penny Rich Orange County Board of Commissioners @pennyrich
  15. 15. Mayor Pro Tem Ed Harrison Town of Chapel Hill
  16. 16. Councilman Gene Pease Town of Chapel Hill @Genepease7
  17. 17. Councilman Lee Storrow Town of Chapel Hill @leestorrow
  18. 18. Mayor Pro Tem Lydia Lavelle Town of Carrboro
  19. 19. Alderwoman Michelle Johnson Town of Carrboro @MichelleForBOA
  20. 20. Mayor Pro Tem Eric Hallman Town of Hillsborough @lerichallman
  21. 21. Commissioner Mike Gering Town of Hillsborough @MikeGering
  22. 22. If you’re tweeting this event, use #EWE13 as a hashtag
  23. 23. Upcoming Events• April 25: Shred-A-Thon (10 AM-2 PM) at University Mall• April 26: 140 West Grand Opening (7-9 PM)• May 2: EDPP Committee Meeting (8 AM)• May 8-9: Community Bocce Tournament• June 9-11: Executive Leadership
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  26. 26. Thank you for attendingEggs with Elected Officials