Chapel Hill-Carrboro City Schools (CHCCS) Update to EDPP


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Superintendent Tom Forcella and Assistant Superintendent Todd LoFrese gave an update on Chapel Hill-Carrboro City Schools to the Chamber's Economic Development & Public Policy Committee.

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Chapel Hill-Carrboro City Schools (CHCCS) Update to EDPP

  1. 1. State of K-12 Education Chapel Hill Carrboro Chamber of Commerce Economic Development and Public Policy Committee August 7, 2014 Tom Forcella • Todd LoFrese
  2. 2. Proactive Focused on Classroom Instruction ◦ Have a reputation as the place for outstanding instruction Rethink current systems to support the Vision ◦ Goal 4 – Professional Development and Learning Infrastructure to support the direction Key Elements of Our Direction
  3. 3. Relationship to Economic Development Attracts business Property values Learning in all areas Educated work force Great place to live and work Great Public Schools
  4. 4. CHCCS Facts and Figures 20 Schools ◦ 11 Elementary Schools ◦ 4 Middle Schools ◦ 3 High Schools ◦ 1 Alternative High School ◦ Hospital School 12,000+ students 1,200+ teachers 800+ classified staff
  5. 5. Highest Average SAT Score Newsweek’s America’s Top High Schools Advanced Learning Opportunities Exceptional Children Education Safety: SROs, Counselors, Nurses, etc. Supports for Learning/Teaching State’s Top Graduation Rate Arts Opportunities Athletics *Best Small City for Education Points of Pride *
  6. 6. Purpose Assess the physical and educational needs of the district’s 10 oldest facilities to determine required repairs and maintenance and what is necessary to bring each school to the minimum student capacity as established by the Orange County School Construction Standards. Scope 1) Carrboro Elementary 6) Seawell Elementary 2) Ephesus Elementary 7) Culbreth Middle 3) Estes Hills Elementary 8) Phillips Middle 4) FPG Elementary 9) Chapel Hill High 5) Glenwood Elementary 10) Lincoln Center Facilities Assessment
  7. 7. Significant interior and exterior physical repairs required Complete HVAC and lighting replacements Insufficient support spaces for program delivery Campus style facilities are inefficient and more difficult to secure ADA and life safety code upgrades Many campuses are relying on temporary facilities that are also in need of significant repair General Findings
  8. 8. Comprehensive renovations Deconstruction of some buildings Additions ◦ Address safety and security ◦ Address program deficiencies Increase capacity and delay the need for new schools Recommendation
  9. 9. Estes Hills Elementary School ADA Egress Issues Campus Security & Monitoring Lighting & IT Aging Infrastructure
  10. 10. CHCCS Facilities Assessment Recommendations CHCCS Facilities Assessment Recommendations
  11. 11. CHCCS Facilities Assessment Recommendations
  12. 12. Facilities Assessment Recommendation and Differed Cost of New Schools Recommendations increase student capacity as follows: Carrboro Elementary + 52 Ephesus +137 Estes Hills + 58 Seawell +119 Lincoln Center PreK +189 Total Elementary +555 CHHS +105 Total +660
  13. 13. $160.8 mil Cost of Recommendation ($34.5) Budgeted Cost of New Elementary School (delayed beyond 10 years) ($23.1) Budgeted Cost of High School Addition (delayed beyond 10 years) $103.2 mil Net Cost of Recommendation Facilities Assessment Recommendation and Differed Cost of New Schools
  14. 14. Older schools need significant investments Recommendations ◦ Fix aging infrastructure issues ◦ Bring older schools to OC standard ◦ Address safety and security ◦ Increase capacity and delay new schools ⚫Also delays operational increases Timing is important Continued collaboration Summary
  15. 15. Thank you . . . for all of your support throughout our years.