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Central West Small Area Plan Summary


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Published in: Real Estate
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Central West Small Area Plan Summary

  1. 1. CENTRAL WEST SMALL AREA PLAN The Basics      Approximately 100 acres north (28 acres) and south of the Estes Dr. at MLK Blvd. Community requested development of a small area plan based on concerns about Chartwell process Process and committee structure proposed by community residents and adopted by Council Steering committee had 17 members – 8 neighbors, 9 representatives of boards and broader community Decisions made by 2/3 supermajority vote Key Elements of Plan Use Total Residential Office Retail Commercial Hotel Institutional 620 units 100,000 sf 25,000 sf 30,000 sf 65,000 sf 50,000 sf It should be noted that retail and commercial are similar uses – commercial generates more traffic than retail for purposes of traffic analysis Benefits of Plan (to Neighborhoods and Town)      Walkable and “bike-able” destinations for new and existing residents – Community-oriented retail – Public gathering spaces Responds to concerns about traffic – Traffic no worse than current situation with reasonable mitigation measures – Improved safety Major improvements for pedestrians and bicyclists of all ages – Improves walkability and bikeability to schools – Estes becomes a “complete street” – New greenway and connections to existing greenway network Respects existing neighborhoods – Greenway buffer – Compatible transitions between new and existing development Respects and protects the environment – Storm water management master plan – Preservation of tree canopy and other natural features Other Points to Remember   Plan attempted to balance a number of factors including: o Traffic o Safety o Economic impact on Town o Economic viability for developers o Respect for existing neighborhoods o Need to improve all forms of connectivity Plan should be viewed as an integrated whole – piecemeal changes to one component or another could make it infeasible