Improve Your Motorcycle's Gas Mileage


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Did you know that most motorcycle's can average between 35-40 miles per gallon? Learn how to increase your fuel efficiency by using the following tips. Tell me your tip on how you increase your gas mileage.

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Improve Your Motorcycle's Gas Mileage

  1. 1. Tips on How to Increase YourMotorcycle’s Gas Mileage
  2. 2. Bob Karney is a NC motorcycle attorney locatedin Charlotte. He has been representing bikers inNorth Carolina and South Carolina for more than30 years. Bob Karney is a motorcycle rider firstand a lawyer second.
  3. 3. Today, motorcycle’s can average anywherebetween 35 to 40 miles per gallon. Depending onthe motorcycle, some can actually get 60 milesper gallon! Use the following tips to help increaseyour miles-per-gallon. Plus, they also offerenvironmental benefits!Motorcycle GasMileage
  4. 4. It’s tempting to accelerate quickly and rev thethrottle while stopped…the following actions canburn fuel quickly. Try to avoid all temptations ofaggressive driving as it can also be verydangerous and cause motorcycle accidents.Gas Mileage Tip #1Aggressive Driving
  5. 5. Take the highway whenever possible and avoidduring peak hours when traffic is the highest. Tryto incorporate driving on flat stretches of roadsrather than hilly and city driving as you’ll receivebetter fuel efficiency.Gas Mileage Tip #2Highway Driving
  6. 6. This is overlooked often. Maintaining yourmotorcycle not only keeps it safe and runningsmoothly…it can increase fuel efficiencysubstantially. Before and after a ride, take time toclean the engine and accessories. You’ll see theresults instantly.Gas Mileage Tip #3Maintain Your Motorcycle
  7. 7. Make it a habit to check tire pressure on a regularbasis. You may find it to be troublesome, but it’san important factor in generating maximum fuelefficiency. This helps by avoiding friction on roadsand it reduces the use of acceleration powerwhile increasing mileage.Gas Mileage Tip #4Motorcycle Tires
  8. 8. Try to become more aerodynamic, this will helpavoid air resistance. If you have an open-facehelmet, look into purchasing a full-faced helmet.You’ll become more aerodynamic. Other factorscan include additional motorcycle gear, tightfitting clothes will not resist your speed.Gas Mileage Tip #5Aerodynamic
  9. 9. Try to avoid keeping the engine in idle over anextended period of time, this can drain the fuel.If possible, switch off your engine while you areat a stop light or caught in a traffic jam.Gas Mileage Tip #6Motorcycle Idle
  10. 10. When possible, organize your motorcycle routeso that you don’t allow the engine to cool downtoo quickly. A cold engine will consume more fuelto warm up. By avoiding traffic with a new routewill less traffic as it will help increase fuelefficiency. The start and stop process increasesthe consumption of fuel.Gas Mileage Tip #7Plan Your Route
  11. 11. By following these suggestions, you’ll be able to increaseyour motorcycle fuel efficiency over time.Motorcycle safety is always first. If you know someonethat has been involved in a motorcycle accident, contactBob Karney, a motorcycle lawyer in NC by calling 887-376-7982 or 704-376-7982 today.