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Social impact


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Social impact

  1. 1. Social Impact Building and Entrepreneurial Ecosystem
  2. 2. Building an Ecosystem •  •  •  •  Connecting Chile Giving back and exchanging knowledge. Impacting Chileans through innovative activities Bringing to Chile new events and long terms organizations.
  3. 3. Why We have an objetive Social Impact
  4. 4. Your Job •  We belive in you: there is no better agent of change than the actual actors of a new community.
  5. 5. RVA System The Return Value Agenda (RVA) is a mechanism created by Start-Up Chile that measures the positive social impact in Chile. Start-Up Chile looks to generate alliances with different actors of the Chilean ecosystem so entrepreneurs can share all their knowledge and experience.  
  6. 6. In SUP we dont have a budget for this kind of activities. How we help you? You can use part of the money (40K). RVA Activities can be reimbursable RVA Activities should always be a win-win (ex: Regional activities).
  7. 7. $$$ NO RVA, NO MONEY! $$$
  8. 8. Who? •  •  •  •  Caro (Ecosystem Developer Director) Fran (Local Networks/ University Anchor (rva and jobs) Dani (Events + Production) Aparna (Activities Follow up) Aparna
  9. 9. Timeline: a. RVA Email 1. Activity b. Your Own 11. Execute the Activity III. Record
  10. 10. And to build long term activities
  11. 11. Timeline: a. RVA Email 1. Activity b.Your Own 11. Execute the Activity III. Record
  12. 12. Timeline: a. RVA Email 1. Activity b.Your Own 11. Execute the Activity III. Record
  13. 13. III. Record
  14. 14. 1.If it is not here, it doesn´t exist. II. Upload the activity. III. Deadline: One Month
  15. 15. Points Total: 4.000 Each: 500 Regions: 750
  16. 16. Let`s Start!