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Agenda rea eng


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Agenda rea eng

  1. 1. digital Open Educational educational Resources and Quality resources of EducationJune, 9th (Thursday), from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.Legislative Assembly of Sao Paulo State (ALESP), Teotônio Vilela AuditoriumCon rm attendence until June 7th, by sending an email to, or call (11) 3886-6658/6642More infos at: OER Brazil contact:
  2. 2. agenda 9h: Opening 11h: Coffee-Break • Guilherme Canela – Unesco Brazil • Sônia Schwartz Coelho – Textbooks • Fernando Haddad – Ministry of 11h30: Round Table 2 • Topic: Practices Program at Ministery of Education (TBC) Education – Brazil (TBC) of collaborative and open education – • Beatriz Grellet – Abrelivros (TBC) • Various Representatives – Education the role of the teachers and new • Moderator: Prof. Lilian Starobinas – Commission of the Legislative Assembly business models member OER community of Sao Paulo State (ALESP) • Herman Voorwald – Secretariat of • Priscila Gonsales – Teaching in the 15h: Unconference Education of Sao Paulo State Digital Age Project • Alexandre Schneider – Secretariat of • Jorge Sallum –Hedra Publishing House Facilitators: Daniela B. Silva – House of Education of Sao Paulo City • Eric Frank– Flatworld Knowledge Digital Culture, Pedro Markun – Hacker • Plinio Zornof Táboas – Provost of • Mary Lane hunter – Folhas Project Transparency and OER Community Federal University of ABC • Dagoberto José Fonseca – State member and Luciana Scuarcialupi – OER • Carolina Rossini e Bianca Santana – University of Sao Paulo (Unesp) Brazil project OER Brazil Project • Moderator: Tel Amiel – Unicamp and member of the OER Brazilian 16h: Coffee Break 10h: Round Table One • Topic: community Educational Materials in the Internet Age: 16h30: Round Table 4 • Topic: OER the right to education, open licenses and 12h30: Lunch Public Policy debate open standards 14h: Round Table 3 • Topic: Public • Paulo Teixeira – member of the Brazilian • John Wilbanks – Vice President for purchases of educational resources House of Representatives Science at Creative Commons • Carolina Rossini – OER Brazil Project • Prof. Sergio Amadeu da Silveira – • Prof. Braulio Araujo – Gpopai/USP – • Hal Plotikin – Senior Policy Advisor in Federal University of ABC Data on Brazilian public purchases of the Office of the Under Secretary of • Daniel Cara – Brazilian National educational materials Education, United States Department of Campaign for the Right to Education • Cable Green – Director of Global Education • Prof. Nelson Pretto – Learning Creative Commons and • Alexandre Schneider – Secretariat of Federal University of Bahia was the Director of eLearning & Open Education of Sao Paulo City • Prof. Vera Solferini – Unicamp OCW Education for the Washington • Moderator: State House representative – • Moderator: Bianca Santana – State Board for Community and Deputado Simão Pedro OER Brazil Project Technical Colleges