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Jigsaw Reading- Intermediate


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Reading activity-
Each student get one of the four different tasks based on their levle.

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Jigsaw Reading- Intermediate

  1. 1. 【Task One】Summarizer  Please use five sentences to summarize the reading. 請使用五句英文寫下課文大意。 【Task Two】Questioner  Please design five questions based on the reading. 請根據課文設計五個問題,並帶領組員討論後再寫下答案。 Class: __________ Group: __________ Name: __________ Q1: _______________________________________________________________________________ Answer: Q2: _______________________________________________________________________________ Answer: Q3: _______________________________________________________________________________ Answer: Q4: _______________________________________________________________________________ Answer: Q5: _______________________________________________________________________________ Answer: _________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________
  2. 2. 【Task Three】Pattern Hunter  Please find out the sentences written in the patterns in the unit and highlight the grammar focus. 請找出課文中使用本課句型的句子,並標示出文法重點。 【Task Four】Connector  Please write down four kindness acts you can do in your daily life to help the world become better. 請寫下四種你們在日常生活當中能夠幫助世界變得更好的善行。
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