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Using Social Media to Promote a Business


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Using Social Media to Promote a Business

  1. 1. Using Social MediaTo Promote a Business
  2. 2. • Establish an online presence. • Create a video about your products. • Collect email addresses by offering free newsletters or other give-a-ways. • Find a local cause that you can get behind. • Listen to your customers.A few ways to use social media to promote abusiness. 2 Promote a Business with Social Media
  3. 3. To establish an online presence, you need a blog, which you update regularly.If you are not online you are invisible (Carrie Wilkerson). Also, you want tobe on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. After you feel comfortable with thesesocial media platforms add Google+, Pinterest, and YouTube.Establish an Online Presence 3Promote a Business with Social Media
  4. 4. .• Use video as often as possible: blogs, interviews, etc.• Don’t overthink the video – Just Do It!• It takes practice to build confidence.• 2-4 minutes is the most-watched time. Remember, YouTube is not just a video sharing site, it is a social media site. You add friends and message them. People comment on and share your videos. Embed your video into your blog. But how do you let your customers know about your video? Here are a few ideas. Send a tweet with the link Post to LinkedIn Post to Facebook Email the link Post to Google+Create a Video about your Products usingYouTube 4Promote a Business with Social Media
  5. 5. • Collecting email addresses is what Carrie Wilkerson calls “filling your stadium” and Seth Godin calls “tribes.”• Customers provide their email address and “opt in” to receive regular updates from you.• If you have readers visiting your blog, you need to be collecting their email addresses (filling your stadium).• Check out Carrie’s 25 Practical Tips for Endless Lead Generation Through Networking, Online List-Building & Social Media.Collect Email Addresses 5Promote a Business with Social Media
  6. 6. • Getting behind a local cause in your community can help you do good while creating what is known as “top-of-mind” positioning.• When the customer is ready to buy, they will think of you!• Your goal is to create an awareness of who you are. You are a credible, honest, likeable person; and you want others to know you. Build trust.• Zig Ziglar says, “If people like you theyll listen to you, but if they trust you theyll do business with you.”Find a Local Cause 6Promote a Business with Social Media
  7. 7. • What are your customers saying?• What are your customers struggling with?• You might segment your customers according to their interests and customize messages aimed at their interests.• Listen to your customers so that you can provide them with excellent service and value.Listen to Your Customers 7Promote a Business with Social Media
  8. 8. Remember, these 5 basic tips:1. Establish an online presence. Create a webpage with ablog. Update often. Begin with Facebook, Twitter, &LinkedIn. Add Google+, Pinterest, & YouTube.2. Create videos as often as possible.3. Get their email as fast as possible. Give them a reason tosign up.4. Find a local cause to get behind. You will enjoy helpingothers, and you will create top-of-mind positioning.Summary 8Promote a Business with Social Media
  9. 9. Using Social Media To Promote The Business (August3, 2012 by newmedia)5 Customer-Centric Tips for Small Businesses[INFOGRAPHIC] (Scott Monty)What social media should your business use? (AntoineGrebert)Five Things that Belong on the Front Page of Your Website(CYNTHIA BORIS)23 NUGGETS ABOUT ONLINE VIDEO(VLOGGINGQUEEN)Why Many Small Businesses Fail at Social Media (AliGoldfield)References 9Promote a Business with Social Media