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Pinterest for Small Business


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Pinterest is the fastest growing website ever! Are you using Pinterest to drive traffic to your website or brick-and-mortar store? Learn more about the buying habits of Pinners and how to drive traffic to your business.

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Pinterest for Small Business

  1. 1. Pinterest The Fastest-Growing Website Ever
  2. 2. Buying Habits Of Pinners Research by Comscore Pinterest Buyers Spend More Money. $$$
  3. 3. $$$ Pinterest Buyers Shop More Often.
  4. 4. Pinterest Buyers Purchase More Items. $$$
  5. 5. More Than Any Of The Top Five Social Networks.
  6. 6. Pinterest Generates More Referrals. Photo by Microsoft
  7. 7. More Than More Than More Than COMBINED! Shareaholic
  8. 8. Pinterest Can Refer BuyersToYour Website OrYour Brick-And-Mortar Store.
  9. 9. Pinterest is Fun! AndYou Don’t Have to Get Bogged Down in Conversations.
  10. 10. Your Goal Is To Pin Content That Will Be Shared.
  11. 11. Pin Photos With Text Overlay And A Call To Action. Photo by Microsoft
  12. 12. Don’t Just PinYour Products.
  13. 13. Pin Images That Compliment - But Not Compete With- Your Product.
  14. 14. Pinterest Recently Introduced A New Rich Pin.
  15. 15. Don’t Be Afraid To Include a Price onYour Pin.
  16. 16. Pinterest PinsThat Include A Price Receive 36% More LikesThan ThoseWho Don’t. Shopify
  17. 17. You Must Apply For a Rich Pin.
  18. 18. Rich Pins Support Three Types of Content: Movie, Product, & Recipes
  19. 19. Pinterest Will Notify Pinners WhenThe ProductThey Pinned Drops In Price.
  20. 20. The Key Is To Frequently Pin Beautiful Images With Helpful Captions. Photo by Microsoft
  21. 21. Use Pinterest AnalyticsTo Monitor Who Is RepinningYour Pins And Reach OutTo Them.
  22. 22. Thank Them Or Ask If TheyWould Like More Information.
  23. 23. Reverences 4 Steps to Driving Traffic and Earning Revenue on Pinterest. 5 Pinterest Tactics That Fuel Retail Sales [INFOGRAPHIC] How Rich Pins Affected Two Brands’ Pinterest Strategies How to Use Pinterest Rich Pins: What Marketers Need to Know