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The importance of industrial water filtration


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The importance of industrial water filtration

  1. 1. The Importance of IndustrialWater Filtration
  2. 2. • The industrial world relies on a lot of different processes to keep things operating smoothly. With so much machinery, chemicals and other materials involved over such a wide range of industries, every single process has its place and plays a role.• Filtration is one process that is evident in many different industries and is crucial for removing unwanted particles from water and other substances.• The filtration process may differ slightly from plant to plant and industry to industry, but will typically include elements of absorption, sedimentation, interception, diffusion and straining.• Industrial water filtration is one area of filtration that is quite important for a variety of different reasons.
  3. 3. What Is Industrial and CommercialWater Filtration?• In an industrial setting, water filtration refers to the removal of particles or suspended solids from water or wastewater.• The particles that need to be removed are typically larger than 0.5 microns and the action is accomplished using commercial industrial filters.• Depending on the scope of the operation, one filter may be sufficient or you may need several.• Sometimes, a combination of filters in a specific sequence or order is necessary to remove all of the solids and keep the process running smoothly.
  4. 4. What Is Industrial and CommercialWater Filtration?• Some of the different types of industrial filters that are used for water filtration include: ▫ Bag filters ▫ Cartridge filters ▫ Multimedia filters ▫ Dual media filters ▫ Sand filters ▫ Screen filters• Since filtration is such serious business, great care is usually taken to determine which kind of filter will do the best job.• This often includes laboratory tests with a wide range of samples.• Once the results are in, you will know if you need bag filters, cartridge filters or any of the other possible choices.
  5. 5. What Is Industrial and CommercialWater Filtration?• Some of the conditions that will help determine the number and type of industrial filters you need include: ▫ Whether water needs continuous or intermittent filtering ▫ The amount of suspended solids in the water ▫ The volume of water that needs treatment ▫ The range of different particle sizes in the water ▫ The desired amount of suspended solids after filtration• It’s important not to stray beyond any specific filter’s capacity or you will face performance issues that will affect the finished product.• In all likelihood, there will be standards that must be met on a continual basis, so every filter that’s used must be bin ideal condition all the way through the process.
  6. 6. Common Industries Where FiltrationIs Needed• Industrial water filtration is an important process across a range of different industries, for a range of different reasons. Products you use on a daily basis in your home, at work or even out in nature, may depend on industrial water filtration as part of their process.• Some of the common industries that rely on industrial water filtration include: ▫ Chemicals ▫ Electronics ▫ Food and Beverage ▫ Pharmaceutical ▫ Oil and Gas ▫ Air and Gas ▫ Pulp and Paper ▫ Power ▫ Coolants ▫ Inks and Paints
  7. 7. Dangers of Poor Industrial WaterFiltration• Just as good industrial water filtration through the proper use of bag filters and other filters will enhance the process, poor filtration can lead to a host of different problems.• Depending on the specific industry in question, the consequences may range from regulatory to business to health.• Poor filtration might lead to contamination of an order or entire batch of product, it might lead to recalls of particular products, or it might put a company on the wrong side of government laws and regulations.
  8. 8. Dangers of Poor Industrial WaterFiltration• In industries such as the pharmaceutical industry, improper filtration could lead to serious human health consequences, which would then lead to serious legal consequences for the company in question.• No matter the industry, it pays to take industrial water filtration very seriously and follow all the necessary guidelines to ensure that aspect is always operating at full capacity.