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WordPress visual editors

  1. WP Visual Editors - Pros & Cons By Carol Gann - Orlando Web Wizard
  2. What is a WP Visual Editor?
  3. Benefits of a WP Visual Editor No HTML knowledge required!No HTML knowledge required! You can edit your pages and add images
  4. Benefits of a WP Visual Editor Creates the corresponding HTML or XML code for you. Switch views to see and edit the code as needed. Switch views to see and edit the code as needed.
  5. Benefits of a WP Visual Editor Main advantages  Anyone can create websites  Web sites can be created quickly  No programming knowledge is required  A nice platform to start learning HTML
  6. 1. WP Visual Editor Con Visual Editors add unwanted code! Messy CodeMessy Code
  7. Messy Code Creates  Bulky web pages  Increases file size  Slows file download  Hurts SEO 2. WP Visual Editor Con
  8. 1. Visual Editor Plugin
  9.  Imports the CSS classes from the theme stylesheet and adds them in a drop-down list.  Easy adding and editing in-line css styles.  Advanced list and image dialogs that offer many options.  Support for XHTML specific tags and for (div based) layers. 2. Visual Editor Plugin
  10. Powerful Visual Editor - superabundant advanced options  Shortcodes Manager - your shortcodes in a handy dropdown  Graphical Image Mapping  50 buttons and featured options  Offers a Pro - version 3. Visual Editor Plugin
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Editor's Notes

  1. A WP Visual Editor is a plugin that allows users to create web pages without using HTML or XML code. The Visual Editor typically resembles word processing software. (Microsoft Word)
  2. If you're planning to develop websites for a living - make a career out of web development you need to learn proper HTML
  3. HTML is for document structure not document design. Visual Editors work on the opposite line of thought. HTML determines the different elements on a page such as a heading, paragraph, list and etc. How these elements are viewed is the choice of the various web browsers. (Explorer, FireFox, Chrome and Safari) With CSS, the design and visual of a web page is separated from the actual content. The content of the web page resides in HTML while the view (colors, positioning etc.) remains in the CSS rules.
  4. CKEditor from Cksource is a plugin to customize the appearance of the visual editor to resemble Microsoft Word. It Allows client comfort using a less intimidating visual editor. This plugin won't work for all website projects as it adds lots of unwanted code.