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Carol Gann talking on the pros and cons of WP visual editors.
Visual Editor Quick Reference Guide: http://orlandowebwizard.com/wizard/wp-content/uploads/2009/06/wordpresseditor.pdf
Question: How do I use my custom styles in the TinyMCE Advanced visual editor? Answer:http://orlandowebwizard.com/wizard/wp-content/uploads/2013/05/TinyMCE-Advanced.pdf

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  • A WP Visual Editor is a plugin that allows users to create web pages without using HTML or XML code. The Visual Editor typically resembles word processing software. (Microsoft Word)
  • If you're planning to develop websites for a living - make a career out of web development you need to learn proper HTML
  • HTML is for document structure not document design. Visual Editors work on the opposite line of thought. HTML determines the different elements on a page such as a heading, paragraph, list and etc. How these elements are viewed is the choice of the various web browsers. (Explorer, FireFox, Chrome and Safari) With CSS, the design and visual of a web page is separated from the actual content. The content of the web page resides in HTML while the view (colors, positioning etc.) remains in the CSS rules.
  • CKEditor from Cksource is a plugin to customize the appearance of the visual editor to resemble Microsoft Word. It Allows client comfort using a less intimidating visual editor. This plugin won't work for all website projects as it adds lots of unwanted code.
  • WordPress visual editors

    1. 1. WP Visual Editors - Pros & ConsBy Carol Gann - Orlando Web WizardOrlandoWebWizard.com
    2. 2. What is a WP Visual Editor?
    3. 3. Benefits of a WP Visual EditorNo HTML knowledge required!No HTML knowledge required!You can edit your pages and add images
    4. 4. Benefits of a WP Visual EditorCreates the corresponding HTML or XML codefor you.Switch views to seeand edit the code as needed.Switch views to seeand edit the code as needed.
    5. 5. Benefits of a WP Visual EditorMain advantagesAnyone can create websitesWeb sites can be created quicklyNo programming knowledge is requiredA nice platform to start learning HTML
    6. 6. 1. WP Visual Editor ConVisual Editors add unwantedcode!Messy CodeMessy Code
    7. 7. Messy Code CreatesBulky web pagesIncreases file sizeSlows file downloadHurts SEO2. WP Visual Editor Con
    8. 8. 1. Visual Editor Plugin
    9. 9. Imports the CSS classes from the theme stylesheetand adds them in a drop-down list.Easy adding and editing in-line css styles.Advanced list and image dialogs that offer manyoptions.Support for XHTML specific tags and for (div based)layers.2. Visual Editor Plugin
    10. 10. Powerful Visual Editor - superabundantadvanced optionsShortcodes Manager - your shortcodes in a handydropdownGraphical Image Mapping50 buttons and featured optionsOffers a Pro - version3. Visual Editor Plugin
    11. 11. A Quick Reference Guidefor WYSIWYG Iconshttp://orlandowebwizard.com/wizard/?p=22WordPress DeveloperWordPress DeveloperDomain NamesDomain NamesHosting ServicesHosting ServicesMore info:carol@wpartist.com(407) 243-8971OrlandoWebWizard.com0