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Trabalho De Ingles da Joana: Kurt Cobain


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Trabalho De Ingles da Joana: Kurt Cobain

  1. 1. The famous Kurt Cobain is a drug addict. The drug is on stage.
  2. 2. I.D. Name: Kurt Donald Cobain Date of Berth: 20 February 1967 Origin: Aberdeen, Washington Country: United States Date of Death: 5 April 1994(27years) Occupation: musician, composer Instruments: Vocal, guitar, drums Banda: Nirvana Kurt Cobain
  3. 3. Kurt Cobain was a North American musician, best known for being the guitarist, singer and composer of the band Nirvana, the outskirts of Seattle, Washington. It is considered one of the greatest artists of the 90. Cobain formed Nirvana along with the friend and bassist Krist Novoselic in 1987. In two years, the band established itself as one of the main groups of local scene. In 1991, the arrival of the song quot;Smells Like Teen Spiritquot; marked the beginning of a thrilling and dramatic change in the world of rock & roll, which departed from the spotlight the styles glam metal, arena rock and dance-pop to give rise to a style of rock more dirty, heavy, causing the sound called grunge and alternative rock. The music industry considered the song as quot;song of an entire generation and, with it, Cobain earned the title ofquot; spokesman quot;of the so-called Generation X. Kurt lived a life marked by depression, loss and emotional addictions to drugs. The last years of his life were punished by excessive dependence on heroin, the strong pressure exerted by the media and its troubled relationship with wife Courtney Love. On April 5, 1994, Kurt Cobain was found dead at his home in Seattle. Nirvana
  4. 4. On January 23, 1988 Kurt, Krist and Crovi recorded at Reciprocal Studios in Seattle with producer Jack Endino. The trio set unnamed record ten songs in six hours. That night, the band would appear with the name of Ted Ed Fred in Tacoma, a city nearby. In February, Jonathan Poneman, Sub Pop's, heard a demo tape after a touch of Jack Endino and liked. Marked a conversation with Kurt Cobain in a cafe in Seattle. The two hit the recording of a compact. In March, the band chose their name definitive, Nirvana, which was used for the first time in a show in Tacoma, with Dave Foster on drums. He would be released soon. In May, Chad Channing took the post of permanent drummer. In June, the Nirvana recorded their first songs to compact the Sub Pop quot;Love Buzz / Big Cheesequot; came out in November. The growing interest in an album, not only by the band, but also by officials of the Sub Pop The final recording sessions for the disc of the band's debut - Bleach - occurred in December 1988. In February 1989, Jason Everman was scheduled as the second guitarist of the band and made his debut in a show at the University of Washington. Friend of Chad Channing, Everman borrowed $ 600 to pay for the time of the studio recordings of Bleach. While not touching the disk, its name was printed on the cover as a member of the band and second guitarist. On June 15, the work was finally released by Sub Pop and well accepted by the public and critics. The band leaves on tour, also for Europe and wins the big media spotlight. The drummer Chad Channing was quot;firedquot; from Nirvana and in 1990, Buzz Osborne, Kurt and Krist encouraged to look for a punk band called Scream. The double was very impressed with their drummer, Dave Grohl. Weeks later, the Scream is disintegrated and Dave entered the Nirvana. Dave Osborne called for giving the message, when Osborne gave him the phone number of Krist. Krist Dave just called to travel to Seattle for a conversation quite promising. The drummer did a test and passed with honors. The Nirvana was the best drummer and the band becomes a real machine. The band began recording their second album, a masterpiece Nevermind, released in September 1991. The album catapulted the band to the mainstream and made it a global phenomenon. The disc sold about 25
  5. 5. million copies worldwide and is considered one of the most important and influential in the history of rock. The band followed his career and launched vigorous new disc: a compilation of rarities and B-sides quot;Incesticide,quot; in 1992, and a third album in studio, in 1993, in utero. In the same year the group recorded an acoustic presentation for MTV, the quot;Nirvana Unplugged In New York.quot; All discs have become true works of art and are acclaimed worldwide. The Nirvana became disintegrate after the tragic death of Kurt Cobain. In drug addiction Almost from the beginning to the end of his life, Cobain struggled against depression, chronic bronchitis and intense stomach pain never diagnosed correctly. [7] This your last problem seemed related to their emotional well- being, despite the numerous attempts that did to Kurt discover its true cause - none of the doctors consulted was able to specify the exact cause of their strong pain. But the heroin was only a small part of 1990 to Kurt, and for the most part he kept his promise to take it only occasionally. He was distracted from everything else by the fact that his career was taking off like never before. However, their use of heroin was increasing over the years. At the time of Nevermind in 1991, the drug began to directly affect not only the life of Kurt, but also the Nirvana. Cobain was bad for shows and photo sessions. Cobain showed somnolence, was oscillating between a state and an agreed asleep, even standing (sleepiness is one of the effects of drugs). On this occasion, Kurt spoke to the principal of Nirvana biographer Michael Azerrad, quot;I mean, what could they do? They could not stop me. So I was not there. Of course, for them it seemed that I was under
  6. 6. the influence of some kind of witchcraft or something. They did not know a thing about it imagined then that I could die any second. quot; With the worsening of addiction, Cobain admitted that needed changing. His first attempt to get rid of the defects occurred in the beginning of 1992, when Kurt and Courtney found that parents would be. On August 4, 1992, Kurt transferred to the unit reabiltitação of drugs Cedars-Sinai hospital for his third rehabilitation. He had begun to consult with a new doctor and had agreed with an intensive detoxification program for two months. Were two months of starvation and vomiting. Hooked to an intravenous high and wailing with the worst stomach ache I had ever experienced, quot;wrote in his journal. His rehabilitation was not going well - he is unable to ingest through food and spent most of his time sleeping or vomiting. The next day, Kurt escaped detoxification unit of the hospital. Last week and death During the beginning of 1994, Nirvana was a tour in Europe. The last Nirvana concert happened in Munich, Germany, on March 1. Kurt goes to Rome, Italy, to rest, medicate and find it to Courtney Love. Courtney arrives in Rome on 3 and finds Kurt in the Hotel Excelsior. The couple spent several weeks without being seen. The expectations for the reunion Kurt take a bath of ice water when Courtney says he is tired and wants to sleep. When she woke at dawn of day 4, Kurt was on the ground with his nose bleeding, using a coat of velvet and a roll of a thousand in his hand. He had champagne and took about 50 pills of the sedative Rohypnol. Kurt left a letter of farewell with three sheets, showing the attempt to sucídio. But officially, the fact was disclosed as an excessive dose of drugs and accidental. In the letter, Kurt says that Courtney did not love him more and he would die to go through another divorce (the first was to his parents).
  7. 7. Bibliography This work was taken from the Wikipedia Google. 8ºA Florbela nº13 Joana nº16