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RDMkit, a Research Data Management Toolkit. Built by the Community for the Community

  1. ELIXIR-Converge has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation programme under grant agreement No 871075. RDMkit, a Research Data Management Toolkit. Built by the Community for the Community Carole Goble, ELIXIR-UK Frederik Coppens, ELIXIR-BE NIH Data Sharing and Reuse Seminar, 11 March 2022
  2. Data Sharing and Reuse Nature 602, 558-559 (2022) doi: European Commission, Directorate-General for Research and Innovation, Horizon Europe, open science : early knowledge and data sharing, and open collaboration, Publications Office, 2021,
  3. Data Sharing and Reuse Wilkinson, M., Dumontier, M., Aalbersberg, I. et al. The FAIR Guiding Principles for scientific data management and stewardship. Sci Data 3, 160018 (2016).
  4. Where to start when writing and executing a Data Management Plan? Support is overwhelming – so many data initiatives! Support is underwhelming – much of organisation advice too generic. Bioscientists Researchers Data Stewards Investigators, Lab Managers, Project Coordinators Funders, Policy Makers
  5. ELIXIR Europe Federated inter-governmental organisation building a distributed European Research Infrastructure for Life Science Data Supporting FAIR data management for the diversity of life sciences across Europe 23 Nodes 250+ organisations
  6. ELIXIR Europe Beyond Europe, Connecting initiatives
  7. ELIXIR’s support for FAIR Data Specific communities Human Data, Structural Bioinformatics, Rare Diseases, Plant Sciences, Microbial Biotechnology ... FAIR services & resources Registries, standards, ontologies, identifiers, data management platforms, stewardship tools, templates. Trusted repositories Deposition databases and portals, scalable curation, sustainability. FAIR data techniques Workflows, reproducible processing, transparent reporting and provenance, FAIR assessment and evaluation, FAIRification methods. FAIR policy and activism FAIR principles, FAIR leadership & partnering at the global, European and national level. FAIR expertise and training Capability frameworks, skills, data managers network, training portal.
  8. FAIR Data Landscape enable end to end FAIR Public General Repositories Institutions Institutional Repositories My filestore, my institution’s file store, ELNs Data submission and access pipelines National Nodes Specialised and National RDM Platforms and Repositories SARS-CoV-2 Data Hubs Metadata and preparation Trusted Repositories
  9. How can we help researchers, data stewards and project managers navigate and contribute to this FAIR data repository landscape?
  10. Provides guidance on the Research Data Management support landscape https:/
  11. ELIXIR-CONVERGE distributed local support for data management A web-based toolkit for the bioscience community written by the bioscience community * Data Expert network Training and Capacity Building Competency Frameworks* Professionalising Data Stewardship Training & Training materials Data brokering pipelines From project data platforms to ELIXIR Deposition Databases Network of people in and across members states Best practice & examples The European COVID-19 Data Platform SARS-CoV-2 Data Hubs Federated European Genome- Phenome Archive SARS-CoV-2 variant surveillance data tracking services and tools
  12. RDM support throughout the entire life cycle of projects as outlined in DMPs Online focal point for guidance, information, best practice, examples Share Reuse Preserve Analyse Process Plan Collect Context and signpost for FAIR data resources as a Hub for a RDM Knowledge Commons Sensitive Data Toolbox
  13. 7719 users 52927 views 123 countries Launched March 2021 Every member state + other initiatives contributed Recommended by European Commission and national funders USA is top user!
  14. RDMkit
  15. Guidelines for common data management in life sciences
  16. Guidelines addressing different roles Using the Data Stewardship Competency Framework 6423#.YisPSpanxGw
  17. Guidelines for data management in specific domains Guidelines for Health Data under development by ELIXIR Health Data Focus Group
  18. Guidelines for common tasks in data management
  19. National guidelines and resources
  20. Combining tools - Real examples and showcases
  21. Registries, Services & Tools placed in narrative context training materials, learning paths, events tools standards, databases, policies, organised into collections
  22. Hookup with Specialised, Complementary Resources More Detailed Expert Guidance, Smart Linking Detailed recipes for making FAIR data FAIR Data Stewardship Guidance
  23. Data Stewardship Wizard Predetermined Knowledge Models drive questionnaires to create DMPs rdmkit:latest/preview?questionUuid=d5990471-0618-42cd-92cb- bbbfd4f61532 RDMkit provides context to the Knowledge Models in the DSW Smart Auto Linking
  24. FAIR Cookbook Recipes Expert recipes for FAIRifying data according to the FAIR elements RDMkit provides context to the Recipes in the FAIR Cookbook
  25. A Showcase for ELIXIR’s FAIR Services Data Management Systems for user projects, supported by Nodes Public Data Repositories Standards Expert Data Stewardship decision making Expert Data FAIRification FAIR Services Sensitive Data Toolbox Registries
  26. Under the Hood Infrastructure designing to scale and sustain The simplest, widest used, and familiar platform, sustainable with limited resources • Freely accessible and open source . • GitHub, GitHub-pages, Markdown, Jekyll, YAML, Tags. Static pages limitation overcome with a really nifty and disciplined content tagging scheme • Auto-link with registries. Aligned with community practice • Inspired by The Turing Way Handbook.
  27. Open Contribution and Editorial Processes designing to scale and sustain, catering for different skills Google Docs Quick submit
  28. Open Contribution and Editorial Processes catering for different skills, designing to scale and sustain Author Editor Reviewer Proposed and Commissioned content • Guides, tools and resources, registry entries • Links with Resources (Cookbook, DSW …) Contentathons and focus groups Open authoring and review. Versioning & contributor credit. Governance.
  29. Contributors Credit For all contributions and for every page Roles and Processes Start-up -> maintenance contribution transitions Attribution on evolving content Light touch curation support & Templates Code of Conduct
  30. The RDMkit Community and Team Science mobilised using Open Research Practices Started in March 2020. Beta Launched March 2021. Entirely developed by virtual collaboration. Probably accelerated development – democratic, rapid, open.
  31. Start up, Co-creation and Cultivation Established ELIXIR framework of national nodes and communities Established core collaboration of folks who had been to the bar together Seed project funding Adoption of open development and open science methods • MVP, user persona, stories & scenarios, focus groups • Hackathons & contentathon • Open content Healthy Community Checklist, Anna Maglia, UMass Lowell (extended) ❑ Shared Vision ❑ Leadership ❑ Communication / Trust ❑ Democratic Processes ❑ Clear Roles ❑ Goal driven / Regular Returns ❑ Growth / Vibrancy ❑ Standards and Processes ❑ Discovery Enabling ❑ Necessary Resources
  32. Cultivation and Maintenance Refreshing the Community • Other Research Infrastructures and Communities • Other countries – Go USA! Refreshing the Content • Processes and roles for review and update • Mechanisms for adding new resources • Automated stale content detection • Reader feedback and correction Refreshing the People • Burn-out (Wikipedia 90:9:1 rule) • Credit & Positive Feedback
  33. Infrastructure & Processes as a Platform Separation of functionality & branding, content Underlying ELIXIR toolkit theme Available on GitHub, GitHub packages & RubyGems (e.g. for Gitlab) Open Documents and data: a CC-BY license. Software available: MIT license.
  34. Adoption of the approach : Infectious Disease Toolkit COVID pandemic exposed lack of (cross-domain) interoperability of data & services with many developments across institutes, countries, … Infectious Diseases Toolkit to provide overview & context Link with RDMkit for data management aspects BY-COVID is funded by the European Union’s Horizon Europe research and innovation program under grant agreement number 101046203.
  35. The Future – Snowballing & Sustainability • Domains health, cancer, COVID, rare diseases, workflows, farm animals… • Communities biodiversity (ERGA), infectious diseases (BY-COVID), … • Tool assemblies data brokering, TREs, RDM blueprint, … • Roles project coordinator, clinical researchers … • National pages USA? Content Expansion Processes Refine for contribution, keeping data relevant and ensuring sustainability Adoption & Embedding ELIXIR Nodes, Data Expert Group, Projects, Programmes, Nations Missions Develop a “RDM Knowledge Commons” RDMkit, FAIR Cookbook, Data Stewardship Wizard, …
  36. Build Partnerships - USA! • Content expansion • Health Data … • Tools, registries … • Showcase USA FAIR services, know- how & capacity building • Dedicated national pages • For different areas use the platform and processes • Projects & Programmes Adoption • Sustainability partner
  37. End to end FAIR Data takes a village* Policy and Infrastructure not enough We need to offer Assistance before we make Assessments build capacity and skills for researchers, stewards and data providers support researchers to know, utilise, enable and demand FAIR RDM services pool the expertise of the community for the community * Borgman and Bourne, Why it takes a village to manage and share data (2021),
  38. Acknowledgments All the ELIXIR-CONVERGE project All the RDMkit team & editorial board All our contributors and partners For more information ELIXIR-Converge has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation programme under grant agreement No 871075.