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As a part of my Strategic Campaigns class, we were given the real world client Biscuitville to build an integrated marketing campaign based on the following goals: develop social media, bring in more families with children and target the health conscience consumer. Out of four groups, the client chose ours, PR from Scratch, as second. I created the following presentation.

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Biscuitville IMC Mock Campaign

  1. 1. PR from Scratch started baking creativity specifically for Biscuitville beginning February 2010. PR from scratch communications
  2. 2. Meet the team. Tori Carufe Research Director Hometown: Atlanta, Georgia What makes your day better? Coming home to my cat PR from scratch communications
  3. 3. Meet the team. Caroline Matthews Co-Creative Director Hometown: Houston, Texas What makes your day better? Taking my dog to the park PR from scratch communications
  4. 4. Meet the team. Casey Ostrow Tactical Director Hometown: Durham, North Carolina What makes your day better? Driving in my car with windows down and radio on PR from scratch communications
  5. 5. Meet the team. Abby Remein Strategic Director Hometown: Raleigh, North Carolina What makes your day better? Eating meals with friends PR from scratch communications
  6. 6. Meet the team. Morgan Wallace Co-Creative Director Hometown: Vail, Colorado What makes your day better? Talking to my friends and family PR from scratch communications
  7. 7. Who is Biscuitville? Fresh. Friendly. Fast. Happy employees F 3 Affordable Quality Control PR Consistency from scratch communications
  8. 8. Client desires PR from scratch communications
  9. 9. Brand identification. Quality-controlled, local product BV Doesn’t attract families Product isn’t “healthy” Must make the most of consumer’s thin wallets Utilizing PR brand evangelists from scratch communications
  10. 10. So we hit the books. Research brief Secondary research In-store intercept surveys Social media case study PR Twitter/Facebook from scratch communications
  11. 11. And learned a few things. Whole family marketing Taste conquers nutrition Moms are budget conscience Social media is a “have-to” not a “nice-to-have” Competitors have PR healthy options from scratch communications
  12. 12. And a few more things. Kids have huge altruistic desires Consumers link “fresh” directly to “healthy” Social media must push consistant messages 1 2 3 4 PR from scratch communications
  13. 13. What can we do? “Making your day better” third-party credibility honesty Think “fresh” don’t integrity push “healthy” respect Make values a way of life Market distribution commitment PR process from scratch communications teamwork
  14. 14. Our target. The Modern Family Families make decisions together Moms today are not authoritarian Children ages 6- to 13-years-old PR from scratch communications
  15. 15. At the top of our list. Step 1: Kid’s meal Commu n Involvem ity ent Think “fresh,” Step 2: don’t push Introduc Options e Healthy “healthy” Step 3: Promote Prove that Freshne Step 4: ss values exist Social Media beyond the brand Promoti PR ons from scratch communications
  16. 16. Creative concept #1 PR from scratch communications
  17. 17. Pushing community. Strong family values Strong brand culture Positive attitude PR from scratch communications
  18. 18. Creatives. PR from scratch communications
  19. 19. Creatives. PR from scratch communications
  20. 20. Promotion. Press Kit: Advertisements: Media Advisory Radio Fact Sheet Newspaper News Release In-Store Backgrounder Biscuitville Bunch Web site PR from scratch communications
  21. 21. Biscuitville Bunch Days. Highlight the Biscuitville Bunch and promote kids meal Introduce Biscuitville culture to new trials both in-stores and online PR from scratch communications
  22. 22. Rewind. Community involvement honesty New family- integrity friendly features respect commitment Spreading strong teamwork values & culture PR from scratch communications
  23. 23. Implementation plan. May June July Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Jan Feb March April May June Biscuitville Bunch Campaign Selected Arrange the logistics of the Kids Menu Decide on printer for advertisements Implement Kids Menu in stores Editorial meetings with newspapers Media Kit Release Issue In store Print Advertisements Billboards leased Launch Biscuitville Bunch- applications available Launch "Bunch Days" Process applications and decide on semi-finalists and finalist Award winners receive prizes PR from scratch Evaluation communications
  24. 24. Let’s !"#$%&'()*"+,&*- .*/&",0',#1- !",&*- 2%31','4- 5#'36- !"#$%"%&'()*+,( 718(%&9(:+./%( !+1#&9(@?A3AA('1( B('1(D('./,%'$( @;;A3AAE@;FA3AA( -./,%'$(01+(234(2#&/5( +%:+%$%&'$('./,%'$( @BA3AA(:%+(C('./,%'( 6.&&%+( 01+(;(*9#<'$(=(;( talk ,.9$(*&9(5.>5(%&9(.$( ;(*9#<'$(=(?(,.9$(( 2.$/#.'(*&9(G*'.&%%( )+.H%(01+('5%($%".E !+1#&9(@I3AA( B($%".E0.&*<.$'(*&9( @F;3AA(M(( -./,%'$( 0.&*<.$'(( ?('1(B('./,%'$(:%+( @NI3AA( 0.&*<.$'( JC(*9#<'('81(,.9$K( green. 1+(;(*9#<'$('81( ,.9$L(( G*.<O1P%$(01+( R1+(.&($'1+%( @CB3AA( DA("*.<O1P%$( @(FAA(( Q#O".$$.1&(R1+"$( $#O".$$.1&( 2#&/5(S*T$(2*&&%+( R1+(.&($'1+%( @DB3NN( C( @DB3NN( ( :+1"1'.1&(J;(0%%'( ( OT(I(0%%'L( U.9$(!/'.V.'T(211,<%'( W1(.&$.9%(,.9$("%*<( @?3NN(01+(C( CAAA( @?NNA3AA( O*>( budget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from ( ( _(`V%&'(.'%"$(( _(U.9a$("%*<( ( _(!9V%+'.$.&>((( _()*/,*>.&>( scratch communications (
  25. 25. Kids in mind. honesty integrity respect commitment teamwork PR from scratch communications
  26. 26. Social Media collaboration. PR from scratch communications
  27. 27. Twitter Biscuitv ille 253 u see work do yo ys of team at displa ork. Wh s teamw tea m value cuitville inutes The Bis m ay? 2 d ay-to-d in your uit :-) iscuitv ille Bisc with a B my day off Starting 3 hours ? y better your da t makes vil le Wha Biscuit 4 hours PR from scratch communications
  28. 28. Myspace PR from scratch communications
  29. 29. Facebook PR from scratch communications
  30. 30. Creative concept #2 PR from scratch communications
  31. 31. Pushing freshness. Target: Health conscience multi- membered families Key Message: Maintaining Southern quality consumers love but keeping it fresh for the family. PR from scratch communications
  32. 32. Creatives. a wholesome alternative made with the same southern comfort PR demonstration from available scratch communications
  33. 33. Creatives. 1 pick your base 2 now for the fixin’s 3 side pickin’s 4 wet your whistle Dried fruit Salad Orange Juice oatmeal Nuts Brown sugar Fruit cup Apple Juice Hash browns Coffee PROTEIN: - w/ half & half biscuit Grilled chicken Plain apple slices - w/ skim milk WE CARE GRAIN: Fried chicken Whole wheat bacon Water Sausage Spiced White With butter Turkey sausage apples Skim milk Country ham TOEGETHER Egg Trail mix 2% milk Egg whites DAIRY: + salsa if ordering breafast Cheese breakfast burrito EXTRAS: burrito getting the whole toy Mayo GRAIN: Ketchup flour tortilla family involved within Mustard wheat tortilla the community order for DIPPIN’S: biscuit Butter stix e the whol honey Nuetella 4 collectible community PR GRAIN: Very Berry Jam family! action cards Whole wheat Apple Cinnamon White Jam With butter from scratch communications
  34. 34. Promotion. Press Kit: Advertisements: Media Advisory Radio Fact Sheet Newspaper News Release In-Store Backgrounder Billboard Brochure Fresh Fact Sheet PR from scratch communications
  35. 35. Launch day: April 9, 2011 i e e r nna tmv ort me alt w h iohe hosame souther l se co f a t t made w PR from scratch communications
  36. 36. Take a step back. Transforming Southern comfort for on-the-go, healthy families     Menu alternatives     Trackable calorie intake One box for Mom       Community push PR from scratch communications
  37. 37. Implementation plan. Dec Jan Feb March April May June Send items to print, toy retailer decided and purchased Distribution of print collateral (packaging, instore signage, launch materials) delivered to stores, employee training Prepare for launch parties (order event materials) send out press releases to media Regional newspaper and radio ad campaign, billboard lease Launch parties at specified Biscuitville locations based on regional family populations. Continue newspaper, radio ads (end date: April 16 2011) Second month of billboard lease PR Evaluation from Follow-up meeting with client scratch communications
  38. 38. Let’s !"#$%&#'()*#+ ,#"-)./+ 0')*#++ 12-3")"4++ 56"-.++ 7#8+5-9.#+:.6";+ <=>?@@+A6'+ <=>?@@++ =CCC++ <+=DBE@?=F+ talk =B++ G-..663/+ <=H@+A6'+ <=H@+ =CCC++ <+=H@+ =CCC+ G-33#'+I)3/)8#J+ <==@?@@++ <==@?@@++ E+K).6"+/"6'#/+ <+E@@?@E+ green. G.6LM2K+N*")()"4+ <=OC+A6'+>+ <=OC++ E+K).6"+/"6'#/+ <+@CC++ :#3"#'+ ;62'/+ ,#*P+6A+:-'8/+ <B?@C+#-*;+ <B?@C++ =CCC++ <+BD@CC+ A6'+=CCC+ :'-463/+ <Q?@@+A6'+>O+ <Q?@@+ =CCC++ <+=FQ?Q@+ 96R#/++ budget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from scratch communications Z+[(#3"+)"#$/++ Z+)8]/+$#-.+ + Z+N8(#'")/)3T+++ Z+0-*P-T)3T+ +
  39. 39. Keeping fresh in mind. Market distribution and in-store cooking process Taste and fun factor conquer nutrition Families make decisions together PR from scratch communications
  40. 40. How will we know it’s working? In-store survey $ $ Facebook survey $ Fan numbers 1 pick now f o fre es4 t ps t base or t shnes your he fi xin’s 2 picki n’s side 3 $ stle Organic searches whi your $ wet 4 a who ma de wi thle so m e a lt e th e sa me rn so ut he rn a ti ve co mf or t $ Web site hits PR Number purchased from scratch communications
  41. 41. PR from Scratch thanks Biscuitville for this rewarding opportunity. PR from scratch communications
  42. 42. Questions? PR from scratch communications