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Brand communities: Tips


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Some tips to build an efficient brand community

Published in: Business, Technology
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Brand communities: Tips

  1. 1. By Carole Ryon &Rianne Olde Keizer
  2. 2. Brand Communities• Good or service• Social relationships• Shared consciousness: legitimacy & oppositional brand loyalty• Rituals and traditions• Sense of moral responsibility
  3. 3. A strong brand community• Increases customer loyalty• Lowers marketing costs• Validates brand meanings• Provides access to new ideas
  4. 4. Content• GoodCase Practice: Saab• Bad Case Practice: Microsoft andPorsche• Tip to build a brand community
  5. 5. Saab• Owned by GM• Swedish• ‘unique premium alternative to big name luxury brands such as BMW’
  6. 6. Saab• Engineer the community and the brand will be strong -> Forms of affiliation arein place1. Members recognize each other2. Members feel a sense of responsibility
  7. 7. Saab3. Saab aims to remainsmall4. Sponsors annualconventions & providesdifferent opportunities ofinvolvement• Serve the customers, embrace diversity, use offline channels and scripts
  8. 8. Saab• Embraces conflict5. ‘yuppies’, ‘snaabs’6. Saab vs. Volvo7. GM acquisition• Do not aim to control your community• Business Strategy (GM) rather than Marketing Strategy
  9. 9. Easy to establish a strong brand community?
  10. 10. Bad Case Practice
  11. 11. Bad Case Practice Partly lose control
  12. 12. Bad Case PracticeFree an empowered customers
  13. 13. Bad Case Practice: Microsoft Robert Scoble
  14. 14. Bad Case Practice: MicrosoftAttention devoted to one opinion leader
  15. 15. Bad Case Practice: PorscheNeeded rivalries and conflicts with otherbrands to differentiate themselves Us AND the others
  16. 16. What should you keep in mind tobuild a strong brand community?
  17. 17. “Getting brand community right “ Susan Fournier and Lara Lee• Consider the community management as a company strategy• Keep in mind that the community serve the community members• Engineer your brand community• Define clearly who you are regarding the other brands and benefit from the rivalry• Take into account all the community’s members and understand the role that each plays• Think further than online to build a strong community• Do not try to control everything but provide the conditions needed for a strong community
  18. 18. TipsEngagement SizeProduct Community membersIndividual The entire company
  19. 19. TipsActive community Tell stories and myths
  20. 20. TipsCo creation Unique features
  21. 21. Brand community is all about connection