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Craig Technologies Aerospace and Defense Manufacturing Center (ADMC) Spec Sheet


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The Craig Technologies Aerospace and Defense Manufacturing Center (ADMC) is a one-of-a-kind 161,000 SF facility in Cape Canaveral, FL that offers a complete end-to-end solution to support projects from concept to real-world application:
Precision Machining and Fabrication
CNC Turning and Milling
CNC Sheet Metal Fabrication
EDM Wire and Sinker Machining
Waterjet Cutting
Welding, Brazing, and Painting
Cable Fabrication
Digital and Analog Electronics Fabrication
Environmental Testing
Satellite Signal Testing
Specialty Manufacturing
CNC Tube Bending
Laser Identification and Marking
Composite Fabrication
Hydraulic and Pneumatic Pressure Testing
Test and Evaluation
Non-destructive Evaluation (NDE)
CMM, VCMM Quality Inspection
Materials and Process Evaluation
Class 100,000 Clean Room Assembly and Testing

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Craig Technologies Aerospace and Defense Manufacturing Center (ADMC) Spec Sheet

  2. 2. CRAIG TECHNOLOGIES SUPPORTS YOUR PROJECTS FROM CONCEPT TO REAL-WORLD APPLICATION Craig Technologies Aerospace Solutions delivers award-winning engineering and technical solutions to both commercial and government clients nationwide. Founded in 1999 by CEO Carol Craig, we achieve stability through diversity and offer a wide scope of capabilities. Our lean management team and industry-leading employee benefits help us deliver exceptional customer-driven solutions at a lower cost. Craig Technologies’ nationally-recognized Aerospace and Defense Manufacturing Center (ADMC) offers a consolidated design-to-production capability at our 161,000 sq. ft. facility in Cape Canaveral, FL. We are a full-service facility all under one roof that designs, manufactures, repairs and integrates complex mechanical and electronic hardware. Precision Machining and Fabrication • CNC Turning and Milling • CNC Sheet Metal Fabrication • EDM Wire and Sinker Machining • Waterjet Cutting Specialty Manufacturing • CNC Tube Bending • Welding and Brazing • Composites • Hydraulic and Pneumatic Systems • Assembly and Integration • Corrosion Control Avionics • Cable and Harness Fabrication • Digital and Analog Electronics Testing • Antenna and Transmitter Characterization • Control Panel Fabrication and Assembly Test and Evaluation • Non-Destructive Evaluation (NDE) • CMM, VCMM Quality Inspection • Materials and Process Evaluation • Clean Room Assembly and Testing • Environmental and Acceptance Testing Design and Reverse Engineering • Systems Engineering • Requirements Development • 3D Modeling and Analysis • GD&T Assessment • Concept & Prototype Development • Integrated Verification and Validation • Model Based Definition certified
  3. 3. COMMERCIAL CUSTOMERS BOEING GE AVIATION GENERAL DYNAMICS ELECTRIC BOAT HARRIS LOCKHEED MARTIN LEAK TEST SOLUTIONS ORBITAL ATK PACIFIC SCIENTIFIC PAR SYSTEMS SIEMENS ENERGY SIERRA NEVADA CORPORATION SPACE SYSTEMS/LORAL SPACEX TOSHIBA TSS, INC. UNITED LAUNCH ALLIANCE VENCORE “CRAIG TECHNOLOGIES BRINGS SERIOUS EXPERTISE TO THE TABLE AND CONSTANTLY EXCEEDS CONTRACT REQUIREMENTS/ SPECS AND WORKMANSHIP … CONSISTENTLY STANDS UP AND PROVIDES SUPERIOR SERVICE AND CONSISTENTLY SOLVES ALL PROBLEMS WITH INNOVATIVE LOW COST (SOMETIMES NO COST) SOLUTIONS.” – CUSTOMER FEEDBACK COMPOSITES EQUIPMENT Machine Type Mfr. Description Model # X Y Z All Values in Inches Oven Cole-Parmer Max Temp - 200⁰C/392⁰F 05015-50 12 10 10 Oven, Precision Quincy Max Temp - 650⁰F 22-650M 37.5 26.5 25.5 Oven, Vacuum Lunair <10ˉ4 TORR Allen Bradley PLC 1000 48 47 48 Oven, Vacuum Fisher Scientific Capacity: 1.5 cu. Ft., Temperature range: Ambient to 280⁰C (536⁰F) 282A 18 12 12 Oven, High Temperature Grieve Max Temp - 1250⁰F AB-1250 36 36 36 Oven, Walk-In Grieve 842 cu ft Modified 34H-1200 72 120 72 Autoclave Baron-Blakeslee MAWP 125 PSIG – 375⁰F BAC510 60 108 60 Paint Booth Devilbliss DF-L-1089-100 120 240 84 Cleaner, Ultrasonic Branson DHA 1000 14 16 10.5 Cleaner, Ultrasonic Delta Sonics, Inc. DT-5H 9 11 10 Electropolisher ESMA, Inc. Tank Volume: 2 gallons E-299 6 12 6 Vacuum Bell, Jar Torr Vac 1x10ˉ6 TORR H26 Chamber, Environmental Test Tenney Engineering Inc. -150⁰C to 200⁰C T16-SPL 48 48 48 Marking System, Laser Telesis Zenith 10F Cleaning Station Custom Thermal Sealer Vertrod 24A/CAB Materials/Processes Milling Turning EDM Structural Bonding Welding Corrosion Protection Repair CRES (Corrosion Resistant Steel) X X X X X X N/A Titanium X X X X X X N/A Inconel X X X X X X N/A Carbon Steel X X X X X X N/A Aluminum X X X X X X N/A Aluminum Honeycomb X N/A X X X X X Composite Honeycomb X N/A N/A X N/A X X CRES Honeycomb X N/A X X X X X MANUFACTURING MATERIALS / PROCESSES 2015 Small Business Person of the Year for the State of Florida and South Florida District National first runner-up in Washington, D.C.
  4. 4. WELDING EQUIPMENT AVIONICS EQUIPMENT Equipment Nomenclature Applicable Features/Limits/Specifications RF- Test Anechoic Chamber, Compact Range 2 Ghz to 50 Ghz RF & Audio Shielded Room 17.5 ft x 15.5 ft x 8 ft Vibration Tables – (2) LDS V860 Shakers (2) UnHoltz-Dickie Controllers Vibe rated @ 6,000 lbs force Thermal Testing Chambers (Temp and Humidity) Cincinnati Sub-Zero (48x48x48); Sexton-Espec (55x55.5x34.5); Thermotron (24x24x24) (-100⁰F to 392⁰F & 10% to 98% RH) Cold Plate Chillers – Dry Cooler -15⁰C/5⁰F to 70⁰C/158⁰F Mass Spectrometer Leak-Detection System Adixen ASM.192 T2D+ DITMCO 9503-12B Analyzer – 10,000 Test Points System Automated Tester: Continuity, DC Hi-pot, and Isolation; Resistance testing OSHA Approved Laboratory vented fume hoods (2) Ventilation velocity of 103 ft/min Precision high temperature drying ovens 3.75 cu ft Tenney Thermal-Vacuum Chamber 1.70 cu ft Uninterruptible Power System (UPS) 20,000 Sq Ft easily reconfigurable Machine Type Model X Y Z All Values in Inches Bender, Metal/Tube, Power Conrac 211 1LH 216 3 Bender, Metal/Tube, Manual Clark and Lewis CL75MU 126 2 Bender, Metal/Tube, CNC Eaton Leonard VB-100-HP 174 1 Flare/Finish, Tube End Phi 609V 2 Flare/Finish, Tube End Clark and Lewis CL2SD3 53 2 Measuring, Vector Eaton Leonard S5-XP-UPG TUBE BENDING EQUIPMENT MACHINE SHOP EQUIPMENT INSPECTION EQUIPMENT Machine Type Model X Y Z All Values in Inches CMM Zeiss Contura G2 623534-9803-200 27 39 23 CMM Brown & Sharpe Tesa MicroHite 3D Reflex 454 18 19 15 CMM Brown & Sharpe Global Activ 122210 86 46 36 VCMM Micro Vu Vertex 420 12 12 12 Machine Type Model X Y Z All Values in Inches Brake, Press, Foot Baileigh SF-5216 Brake, Press, Hydraulic – Tonnage 17 Pacific 17-4 48 CNC Brake Press Haco SRM 120-10-8 120 Brake, Pan & Box, Manual – Bend Length – 3” to the full Length of the Machine Chicago BPU612-6 117 53 16 Brake, Pan & Box, Manual Baileigh V 612-6 Drill Press, Vertical IBARMIA AV 32 4.5 32 Press, Arbor Dake 4M2 Press, Arbor Greenerd 789-000619 Punch, Turret DI-ACRO 0.18 1.375 0.25 Punch, Square DI-ACRO 2HP Riveter, Power US Industrial Tool 1.50-36 36 Roller Newline 53-04-500 24 Roller Morgan Rushworth PBR1250 50 0.236 Roller, Electric Baileigh SF 50-16 Saw, Band, Vertical Delta/Rockwell 28-350 19 12 Saw, Band, Horizontal Dake SE 912 55.2 Shear, Hand DI-ACRO 24HS Shear, Corner, Manual DI-ACRO 2P 6 Shear, Corner, Manual TennSMITH SN 6 Shear, Power National Sheetmetal NH5210 48 0.134 Shear, Power Betenbender 48-120 SHEET METAL EQUIPMENT FOR MORE INFORMATION, PLEASE CONTACT: QUOTES@CRAIGTECHINC.COM 8550 ASTRONAUT BLVD. | CAPE CANAVERAL, FL 32920 321.613.5620 | CTADMC.COM TWITTER @CTADMC NON-DESTRUCTIVE EVALUATION EQUIPMENT Machine Type Model Description Fluorescent Inspection Line Ardrox UWW-100 Water Washable, Level 3 Magnetic Particle Probe Parker Research DA-200 Ultrasound Flaw Detector Krautkramer USN 60 Eddy Current Flaw Detector Zetec MIZ 21A Iplex Olympus VideoScope Olympus IV7435A 4mm diameter Computed Radiography Scanner GE CR 50XP 12 in x 14 in Flash Computed Tomography Hytec FCT-2251 7 in x 9 in Pantak 225KV X-Ray Tube Pantak HF 225 6 ft x 8 ft Seifert 100KV X-Ray Tube Seifert ES 2 6 ft x 8 ft Machine Type Model Description Weldhead, Orbital Astroarc Polysoude HD-750 Weldhead, Orbital Astroarc SK-1500/2500-2T Tubing Size 1 – 2.5 Weldhead, Orbital Astroarc SK-375-2T Range of Tubing 0.25 – 0.375 Weldhead, Orbital Astroarc SK-500-2T Tubing size 0.5 – 0.675 Welder/Cutter, Oxy Acetylene Victor Journeyman 315C Welder, Multiprocess Miller 350CC/CV GMAW, TIG, Stick Welder, GMAW Miller Millermatic 250X Welder, GTAW Lincoln Precision TIG 375 Welder, GTAW Miller Syncrowave 351 Welder, Spot Resistance Miller SSW 2020 ATT Weld, Table Delta/Rockwell Keyhole Slotted Table – 144” x 72” x 2” Cutter, Plasma Dayton 5Z031B Cutter, Plasma Miller Spectrum 2050 Machine Type Model X Y Z All Values in Inches Mill, CNC, Vertical, Mazak VCN-410-A 22.05 30 20 Mill, CNC, Vertical, Mazak VCN700D50 60.24 27.56 25.59 Mill, CNC, Vertical, Hurco BMC 3017 30 18 20 Mill, CNC, Vertical Mazak FJV-60/80 78.7 55.2 23 Mill, CNC, Vertical, 3-Axis, Graphite Hurco VM10HX 18 12 18 Mill, CNC, Mazak FH7800 41.34 31.5 34.65 Mill, CNC, 3-Axis – Kitamura 4XiF 40 20 20 Mill, CNC, 5 Axis Haas UMC 750 (2) 30 20 20 Mill, CNC, 5 Axis Haas VF3 40 26 32 Mill, CNC, 5 Axis Hurco VMX42UI 12.5 12.5 12.5 Mill, CNC, 5 Axis – Mazak 510C-II 10 10 10 EDM, Wire 2-Axis Mitsubishi FA10MD 12 10 8 EDM, Wire 6-Axis Makino SP64 25.6 15.74 16.2 EDM, Wire 4-Axis Sodick AG600L 23.6 14.96 13.78 EDM, Drill Current MT30S 1.26 12.6 EDM, Plunge 3-Axis Sodick AG60L 24 24 18 Waterjet, 2-Axis – Tilt +/- 9.0 OMAX 80X 180 89 6 Turn Center, CNC Tsugami, 7 Axis 1.25 Turn Center, CNC Mazak QTN-100 13.2 17 Turn Center, CNC – Mazak QTN-300 8.85 49 Turn Center, CNC, 4-Axis –360 degrees Mazak QTN-350MY- 11 59 6 17.75 Lathe, CNC, 6-Axis, Multiturn Okuma LB3000EX 39 22 Lathe, Manual Hardinge HLV-H 20 11 Lathe, Manual – Swing 24” 13” Gap Clausing Corp. Mascot VS2000 72 18 Mill, Manual, Vertical, 3-Axis Bridgeport EZ TRAK 48 12 12 Mill, Manual, Vertical, 3-Axis Bridgeport Series II w/ PROTO-TRAK 35-56 18 12 Mill, Manual, Vertical, 3-Axis Wells-Index 847 33 16 6 Media Blast, Cabinet Uni-Home 503 24 24 Manual Grinding Harig 618 Auto Step 18 6 3 Saw, Band, Vertical Marvel 8-Mark II 96 24 28 Grinder, Cylindrical Victor JMC-600H Hone, Horizontal Sunnen MBB-1660 24 18 Crane, Overhead – Kranco (5-Ton)