Pass the Crazy Cup Please


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Pass the Crazy Cup Please

  1. 1. Pass theCrazy Cup Please
  2. 2. What you will needOne clothes drying rackOne cup full of waterTwo playersOne caller
  3. 3. The Goal of the GamePass the cup to your partner alternating turns.Warning: You might need to pass the cup over,under, through, or around the drying rack.
  4. 4. How to PlayEach player stands on opposite sides of the dry-ing rack. One player starts holding the cup ofwater.The caller gives a direction (how to pass thecup). The direction can be: Over, Under, Through,or Around.The starting player will pass the cup to theirpartner.The caller gives another direction.The other player will pass the cup back to theirpartner, and so on...
  5. 5. Ways to Pass the CupOver UnderThrough Around
  6. 6. OK, so why is this game CRAZY?After each successful cup pass, the caller’s direc-tion will include the previous direction and adda new direction. For example, Round 1 direction: Over Round 2 direction: Over, Under Round 3 direction: Over, Under, Throughand so on...
  7. 7. The Game Ends When...A player passes the cup out of the order of thecaller’s directionA player touches the rackAll the water has spilled from the cupA player uses profanity (but “Please” is encour-aged)
  8. 8. Interview with PCCP ChampionsInterviewer: Joining me are Lou and Hannah, champions from the 2011 PCCP Tour-nament. How many rounds of PCCP did you complete to win?Hannah: We finished 167 rounds.Interviewer: Wow, that’s some feat! Can you share your secret about how you re-membered all the calls? Do you have a perfect auditory memory?Lou: Far from it. I simply wrote all the calls down on my hands, arms, legs, and feet.Then I got them tattooed to commemorate the victory.Interviewer: Impressive. Where will you write the calls for this year’s tournament?Lou: Hmm, smart question. We have a lot of Facebook fans, many of whom flew outto give support. I’m sure some will be willing to donate their clean arms and legs.Interviewer: Good luck with that. Great luck with this year’s games.Hannah and Lou: Thanks for having us.
  9. 9. CreditsPresentation and photo remixing by Carol Chung (cch5ng @ gmail_dot_com)Presentation background from uploaded to flickr by AirmanMagazine 2.0 GenericOriginally uploaded to flickr by AirmanMagazine 2.0 GenericOriginally uploaded to flickr by AirmanMagazine 2.0 GenericOriginally uploaded to flickr by Lee J Haywood 2.0 GenericOriginally uploaded to flickr by stockicide 2.0 GenericOriginally uploaded to flickr by Justin Shearer 2.0 GenericOriginally uploaded to flickr by StephenMcleod - International Man of Mystery 2.0 Generic (Creative Commons license)