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Observation Documents

  1. 1. CWI Instructor: Carol Billing carolbilling@cwidaho.cc Introduction Letter EDUC 202: Field Experience Fall 2011January 5, 2012Greetings;It is my pleasure to introduce Student Name. Mr./Ms. Last Name is enrolled inEducation 202: Field Experience at the College of Western Idaho for the Semester201?semester. This course is a combination of on line assignments and 30 hours offield experience. It is our hope that the student receives the opportunity to observe andwork with an experienced teacher. We would like our students to be able to work withK-12 students in a supervised classroom setting. We also hope that in the observationsstudents experience as much of a “teacher’s” life as possible. This may include avariety of other activities, as deemed appropriate by you and your faculty.Please help Student Name achieve the goals of EDUC 202 by placing him/her in aclassroom setting with a qualified, dedicated teacher. Your assistance is greatlyappreciated by CWI, as well as by myself and the student.Sincerely,Carol BillingProgram HeadElementary EducationCWIStudent: “Save As” this file then open with Word. Insert your name in the areashighlighted in yellow above. Then delete all of these instructions and print. Take thiswith you when you go to meet with the principal and/or teacher. 1 of 1
  2. 2. CWI Instructor: Carol Billing carolbilling@cwidaho.cc Education 202 Time CardStudent Name:__________________________________________________________School:________________________________________________________________ Class/ Instructor Date Time Total Hours:Observed Instructor(s) Signature: __________________________________________________ 2 of 2
  3. 3. CWI Instructor: Carol Billing carolbilling@cwidaho.cc EDUC 202, Field ObservationsCWI student name: _____________________________________________________________________Name of School where you observed: ______________________________________________________Address and Phone number of school: ______________________________________________________Grade level and subject observed: _________________________________________________________Name of teacher whom you observed: ______________________________________________________Dear Certified K-12 Teacher,Thank you for allowing our CWI student to spend 30 hours observing you and your class this semester.We know that you are busy and we appreciate your time.The above student was to have spent a minimum of 30 hours observing/ assisting you this semester asrequired for this course.Please sign the statement below once the 30 hours have been completed.“I verify that the above CWI student spent 30 hours under my supervision in my class during theSemestersemester, 201?.”Signed:_______________________________________________ Date:________________________I encourage you to contact me privately with any comments that you may have.Thank you.Sincerely,Carol BillingInstructor, CWIcarolbilling@cwidaho.cc 3 of 3
  4. 4. CWI Instructor: Carol Billing carolbilling@cwidaho.cc EVALUATION OF STUDENT PERFORMANCEAs the certified K-12 teacher being observed for EDUC 202, you are asked to evaluate the performance ofthe CWI student completing field experience in your classroom. Please rate the student on each of thedimensions listed below. Thank you for your assistance.Name of CWI Student: ________________________________________________________________K-12 Certified Teacher: _____________________________ Field Experience Instructor: Carol Billing DIMENSION INDICATOR INDICATOR INDICATOR NOT MET ACCEPTABLE AT TARGET SCORE 0 1 2LITERACY/COMMUNICATION: (Idaho Core Teaching Standard 6)Communicates effectivelyCommunicates appropriatelyPROFESSIONAL COMMITMENT & RESPONSIBILITY:(Idaho Core Teaching Standard 9)Conveys a positive imageDisplays enthusiasmUses decision-making skillsDemonstrates responsibilityShows respect for othersDemonstrates initiativeShows commitment to teaching Final Total /18Comments___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________K-12 Certified Instructor Signature: ___________________________________Date__________ 4 of 4
  5. 5. CWI Instructor: Carol Billing carolbilling@cwidaho.cc EDUC 202 Field Experience Suggested ActivitiesTo the K-12 certified teacher being observed:Below is a list of acceptable activities for your CWI Field Experience student. While we(Education faculty at CWI) do not expect that each field experience student will have theopportunity to perform or participate in all of these activities, we do hope that the fieldexperience is a broad and as diverse as possible. Additional blank boxes are provided for writingin specific tasks completed. Please check or make notes on the quality of the student’sperformance on these tasks. Duty or activity Quality of Duty or activity Quality of Work WorkWork with students Run copiesindividuallyOversee small group LaminateinstructionGrade or correct papers Staple or bindRecord grades Develop and present a lesson or activityAttend faculty/staff meetings. Present a lesson or activity developed by the supervising teacherObserve or participate in Help design and put upParent Teacher conferences. bulletin boardProvide computer support or Other administrative supportstudent tutoring using the (please define)computerQuality of work: 1 indicates the student did poorly in the area 2 indicates the student did satisfactorily in the area 3 indicates the student did well in the area 5 of 5